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Over the past few years, we’ve also been gradually adding HomeKit accessories. Our old alarm system couldn’t reliably tell us when the battery in a door or window sensor was dead, and although the Lyric Controller can show the battery status of all of the sensors, the Home app does not show battery status for these accessories. In addition to arming and disarming the alarm, you can use the Lyric Controller to control Lyric-compatible thermostats, cameras, lights, and locks with its touchscreen, an app, or your voice. All the others worked every time, but “set” rarely worked, even though it works with other commands, and I have no idea why. You can specify a variety of chimes when different doors are opened. Interestingly, I had only occasional success using the word “set” with this second command. But security technology has improved—alarms can now notify monitoring companies through a cellular rather than landline connection, and the systems are much easier to manage and operate. Fueled by the popularity of Nest, thermostats remain one of the more popular categories of smart home devices. Improved performance. You can add dozens of users, each with their own access code. This straightforward, do-it-yourself setup will have you on your way to smart heating and cooling in no time. Confirm the screen shows START SETUP. But Apple fans, and consequently HomeKit fans, are a stubborn bunch. After some trial and error, here’s what I found when using Siri on my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and HomePod. If it does, continue to “Setup with Lyric App” on page 15. It’s much more descriptive and the window icon makes more sense—and changes to indicate when the window is open. Honeywell tech support told me that Siri commands with the Lyric Controller are focused on the status of the alarm and arming/disarming it. Time Tracking You have now completed your reset; Homekit Reset. Finally, as you return home, you can easily disable the security system with one of these Siri commands, which is vastly easier than typing in a security code on the panel. Need help? If not, the code will be displayed on the thermostat during the configuration with Apple HomeKit. and Setup The second generation of the Honeywell Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostat delivers easy installation and setup at the thermostat or through the Lyric app. We inherited the control panel and remote sensors when we moved in 15 years ago. Some users are not affected while others are. “Arm/Set/Turn on/Activate the Lyric to stay.”. You must use the word “stay” in this command, even though both the iOS and watchOS Home apps instead use the word “home”. Non-VOIP landlines will still work because they don’t use AC power but their own DC power. It’s gone. Siri can control individual HomeKit devices. Tado Smart AC Control This is a better solution than the battery provided by Verizon because that only provides power for phone and does nothing for Internet or TV access. We were OK during hurricane Sandy, but we knew quite a few people who had no power at all for weeks. Return to the thermostat. I have FiOS, so if I lose power I have no landline. Adv Reset - Factory, schedule, Wi-Fi and Homekit reset Failsafe OFF 0= Off, 1 = On Specific Applications Setting What do you need to change? In contrast, the Lyric Controller can only hear commands spoken in a normal voice from about 10 feet away, and background noise can be a problem. I recently took at look at Honeywell’s Lyric Round thermostat with HomeKit support, and today I’m following up with Emerson’s latest HomeKit model, the Sensi Touch. This is among the areas Honeywell beats Ecobee. This prevents a would-be burglar from standing outside a window and shouting an unlock command that the HomePod’s sensitive microphones might be able to pick up. A tap on the Details button provides the usual HomeKit options, including the settings for status and notifications. Cycle/ Hour Minimum ON time (in minutes) Note : a. Homekit returns “No response” when trying to contact the Lyric. Take a photo of your existing setup so you have a wiring reference point if you start to get confused. If you want Google home, you’ll need to go with the Lyric T5+ model . On the Lyric Controller, enter the master code (which is in its documentation) and the HomeKit setup code appears on its screen. Turn off power to your heating and cooling system at your circuit breaker. We added a couple of things to it. 05-00333 | PM | 02/16 Buy the Honeywell Lyric Smart Thermostat on Amazon ($159.99) 5. On Honeywell’s Web site, I was able to locate an alarm monitoring company in my area that would replace our current alarm system with new hardware and set up the Lyric Controller. The Honeywell Lyric T5 works with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, so you get a couple of options. It is not just a transient communications problem. Using Siri to control the Lyric Controller is fairly straightforward, but there are some inconsistencies. Tap Enter Code on the iPhone and key in the HomeKit setup code. There’s something soothing about being able to know the answer to the question “Did you set the alarm?”, whether you’ve asked it upstairs just before bedtime or 500 miles from home—and employ the Home app or Siri to do something about it if need be. This would also be a good time to create small labels for each wire if they aren't already marked. Design, Installation, HomeKit Setup. I have not seen a clear description of the conditions that lead to the problem. Honeywell doesn’t publish a list of specific Siri commands that can be used with the Lyric Controller as it does for the Lyric Thermostat. Tap Enter Code on the iPhone and key in the HomeKit setup code. Usability: The Honeywell Lyric app is initially easy to understand and to use. Lyric App). Just snap the faceplate on the thermostat, turn power back on at your circuit breaker and your thermostat should power on. That was like unboxing a new Mac and learning that it needed an update to the latest version of macOS. The app aims to help you visualize the setup based on your wiring. Unfortunately, the names were utterly generic, such as “Kitchen left” and “Kitchen right.” Fortunately, in the Home app, you can change the names and types of these sensors so you can identify them more easily. Do the T5/T6 Pro Wi-Fi model thermostats require a "C" wire? If Honeywell did HomeKit right it would make our alarm system much more capable and easier to use. Plus, the Lyric Controller also has a camera that takes a picture of the person who arms or disarms the alarm, and these images are viewable in the Total Connect app. On the Lyric Controller, enter the master code (which is in its documentation) and the HomeKit setup code appears on its screen. I put a bigger UPS in front of the little FIOS UPS, and that solved all but the biggest (many days) power outages. Went with Honeywell Lyric for a HomeKit integrated security solution and it is awesome! Announced back in May and launched in June, the Sensi Touch offers a horizontal design with […] Company Name Number Apple® HomeKit™ Setup Code The Lyric T6 Pro Wi-Fi supports Apple HomeKit. Now I don’t have to get paranoid about it, just hope Apple et. The T6 Pro Smart Thermostat can give you home comfort control from anywhere. A twirl of the digital crown selects the status and any change occurs immediately. The reason is because everyone I know that did complained about extra charges above and beyond the government taxes that kept materializing on their bills. Since Verizon replaced my OID power unit with a 10 year old one I’ve removed the non-working backup battery, which would only provide phone service for 4 hours without power anyway. Choose the “Cloud” Icon (Press and Hold) The scene worked correctly even if the Lyric Controller was already set for stay and the front door was already locked. BTDTGT. Same Account. With this feature, you can easily set your preferred temperature depending on the weather you are anticipating. I put a bigger UPS in front of the little FIOS UPS, and that solved all but the biggest (many days) power outages. After adding the Lyric Controller, the Home app displayed all the Lyric sensors as HomeKit … Like, Lyric only, Lyric plus sensors, etc? I went with the $10 per mo subscription (you need at least this to get the HomeKit firmware). Control Your Comfort. You can also create a scene that includes setting the Lyric alarm for Stay or Away and then invokes that scene with Siri. So if you have cats or dogs in the house while you’re out, it’s better to put the alarm in Stay mode (which prevents motion detectors from triggering the alarm) rather than in Away mode. Welcome to the 21st century. This is the step by step guide on how to do a Homekit Reset on Honeywell Smart & Lyric Round Models. New Capabilities. At the heart of the Lyric Security and Home Control System is the Lyric Controller, a full-featured security panel that has just about every bell and whistle you can think of. This complete control will really show what your smart devices can do. The Lyric Controller is Honeywell's premier security and automation control panel in the form of a 7.0 inch graphic touchscreen keypad. I’ve been reading that one benefit to Verizon with FiOS is that they can cut back on being able to provide power for landline phones. I don’t specifically recall seeing it for the Lyric yet, but that doesn’t mean is hasn’t happened or won’t happen in the future. At this point, you can fill holes and paint any areas that might be visible after the Lyric is installed. It is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple homekit to enable you to make your home cooler or warmer and save temperature as part of your routine just by saying so. Honeywell Lyric T5+ Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat - RCHT8612WF Video If you are interested in ordering a large quantity of items you may qualify for volume pricing discounts. The Home app doesn’t solve every problem. Apple and Honeywell have reproduced the problem but I don’t believe it is fixed as of now. So my interest was piqued when Honeywell announced support for HomeKit in its Lyric Security and Home Control System. • Get automatic upgrades. As you would expect, you can arm and disarm the alarm using Total Connect. I've got a large number of HomeKit devices and use a couple of airport extremes for my wifi. Probably the biggest downside to Honeywell Lyric (both T5 and T6 Pro), is the rather outdated, cheap-looking design. Tapping the button for the Lyric Controller exposes the three choices for the alarm (Home, Away, Off). The Honeywell Lyric Controller can be used with Apple's HomeKit system for remote arming/disarming and notification of system events. In contrast, controlling individual devices with the Lyric Controller’s voice commands requires that they are included as part of one of the Lyric Controller’s Smart Scenes. That may sound like a lot, but the Lyric Controller can handle more than 100 satellite devices. Install the Honeywell Lyric Thermostat like a pro. Scroll down until you reach the Setup option, and then select it; Congratulations! Similar to other alarm systems such as Honeywell's LYNX Touch series or 2GIG's Go!Control series, the Lyric Controller is a self-contained system that integrates everything it needs into the keypad. Detach the wires from the old thermostat and unscrew and remove the base of the thermostat and the baseplate, if applicable. The only remaining hurdle is our alarm system, which is monitored by a third-party company. That will help you keep them sorted, which is particularly important when the color of the wire doesn't correspond to its label -- for example, my Y, or yellow, wire is actually light blue. When prompted by the Lyric app, scan the code on the last page (back cover) of this guide. And that in case of them losing power it is now less likely that they will have enough backup power to keep phones running on copper working. The app also has a long list of notifications it can provide, but many of them duplicate the notifications that Apple’s Home app will send. I could probably have done this myself, but my alarm monitoring company wanted to send a technician to my house to handle it at no extra cost. Uses geofencing technology to keep track of your smart phone's location. You’ll be wishing you hadn’t dropped the landline when there is a massive power failure that disables your WiFi and the cell towers. So it knows when you're on your way home and makes sure your home is exactly how you like it … Use this guide to reset your device back to its original settings. This command puts the Lyric Controller in Stay mode, where the alarm is on, but because you’re assumed to be home, the motion detectors are disabled. On the right are the details after I renamed it Nook Window and changed its type from Contact Sensor to Window. Thoughtful, detailed coverage of everything Apple for 30 years, #1544: Holiday hiatus, iOS 12.5 and watchOS 6.3, App Store wars, LG 27UK850-W monitor review, #1543: Apple Fitness+ launches with iOS 14.3, iPadOS 14.3, watchOS 7.2, and tvOS 14.3; macOS 11.1 Big Sur; AirPods Max; Xebec Tri-Screen; RIP John Baxter, #1542: iPhone 5G tests, Stealth Core Trainer, iPhone 11 repair program, support TidBITS in 2021, #1541: Thanksgiving hiatus, understanding 5G, iPhone 12 mini and Pro Max reviews, hiding Big Sur update badges, iOS 14.2.1, App Store commission drop, #1540: Apple's first M1 Macs, delay Big Sur upgrades, Apple snafu temporarily broke Macs, new TidBITS translators needed, A Prairie HomeKit Companion: Setting Up Accessories and Rooms, A Prairie HomeKit Companion: The Ecobee 4 Thermostat. Check the wires you have and the app will show you a diagram of how they should look on the Lyric (although, for some reason, the app left the Rh wire off my installation diagram). Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. As with most smart thermostats, the Lyric may be beautiful, but its real power and appeal comes from its ability to accurately build up a pattern of when the heating should and should not be activated in order to save energy, and ultimately money. Download the Lyric app on your Android or iOS device. If the prospect of installing your own thermostat feels overwhelming, don't despair. Switch off the power at your circuit breaker. I forget exactly how long it lasted, but it was at least a week after 9/11 before Verizon’s cell service went back up in NYC, and we never lost power at home or in the mid-Manhattan building I worked in. This step-by-step guide will show you how to set up Honeywell's $280 Lyric smart thermostat in a flash. Now simply follow the app to complete the configuration process. The HomeKit approach, which shows the status of named accessories, makes this problem much easier to correct. Here are the before and after details of a sensor on one of our kitchen windows. al. Total Connect displays who has armed or disarmed the alarm based on the access code entered on the Lyric Controller. Unfortunatly I’m glad to hear that the “No Response” status is not unique to my Hue & WEMO setup. A Prairie HomeKit Companion: The Elgato Eve Room,, Open the Home app and hold your iOS device near the Lyric Controller until the panel is shown as an available accessory. Here’s how to view it: After adding the Lyric Controller, the Home app displayed all the Lyric sensors as HomeKit accessories. They are definitely not the option to look for if you’re into the sleek new designs of the other smart thermostats. For 29 years, we’ve published professional, member-supported tech journalism that makes you smarter. (See the screenshot above in the “Controlling the Lyric Controller from the Home App” section.) Apple HomeKit is one of the major smart home platforms, but it’s by far the least popular due to the relatively narrow range of compatible devices and the complicated setup required to control it remotely. Another thing to keep in mind: the word “alarm” means something specific to the HomePod—namely, a clock-based alarm. When you’re going out, these Siri commands put the Lyric Controller in Away mode, which arms both the alarm and the motion detectors. After roughly a two-week wait for all the system parts to arrive, the installer spent all day programming the Lyric Controller to communicate with the satellite devices and installing them. Controlling the alarm in the Home app on my Apple Watch (the original model) is fast, easy, and reliable. This is by design. Plus, ecosystem integration with Apple ® HomeKit™ and Samsung® SmartThings™ gives your customers an even greater connected home experience. This HomeKit-enabled device is part of the Lyric connected platform that helps you manage home comfort, security and awareness by controlling a range of connected home products with a … Your costs may vary depending on where you live. At the heart of the Lyric Security and Home Control System is the Lyric Controller, a full-featured security panel that has just about every bell and whistle you can think of. As part of the installation process, our installer named every door and window sensor that he installed. Setup time and date Low Load Control ON 0= Off, 1 = On Temperature offset 0.0 -1.5°C to 1.5 °C Bind - Bind, check RF and clear bind. The phrase “Arm/Set/Turn on/Activate the Lyric to home” won’t work. However, like the Ecobee thermostat (see “A Prairie HomeKit Companion: The Ecobee 4 Thermostat,” 20 April 2018), the Lyric Controller instead displays its setup code on its screen. • Receive alerts (such as boiler failure) from the Thermostat, App, and email. From within the Home app, a press on the Lyric Controller’s accessory button exposes three options for the alarm: Home, Away, and Off—along with a Details button. If Honeywell did HomeKit right it would make our alarm system much more capable and easier to use. It’s a keeper. Unlike Nest, Lyric doesn't have a dedicated Rh port, but you can attach the Rh wire to the Lyric's R port. The Honeywell T6R is a connected, wireless thermostat that works with both Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa. For example, Apple’s Home app will notify us when the alarm is armed or disarmed. Here’s where we hit our first speed bump—the Lyric Controller arrived without the firmware necessary (version 1.04 or later) for HomeKit support. (It took my iPhone two tries to make this connection.). Achieve greater comfort and efficiency in your home with the Honeywell Home T5 Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat. • ®The free Honeywell Lyric App is available for Apple iPhone® and iPad® devices at iTunes ® or at Google Play for all Android™ devices. Honeywell's Lyric T5 Wi-Fi thermostat lets you control your home environment using an app on your iPhone or iPad. Page 15: Setup With Lyric App Discuss: Install the Honeywell Lyric Thermostat like a pro. I've also got a Lyric T5 and I've yet to see it loose connection to HomeKit after close to a year of use. Setup. Another way to tell if your Lyric Controller is HomeKit-capable is the presence of a Reset HomeKit button in Tools > Advanced, which is accessible after entering the master password (which is different from the installer password). IMHO, there’s a risk of suspended service due to disasters with everything, and if there’s no power, unfortunately you’re out of luck. The code to activate Apple HomeKit would be on a sticker either in the box with the unit or on the unit itself. Although the Lyric Controller has its own voice-command capabilities, Siri offers a few distinct advantages: Like other companies that sell HomeKit-enabled accessories, Honeywell offers its own app—Total Connect 2.0—for the Lyric Security and Home Control System. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. HomeKit-compatible security accessories (such as alarm systems and locks) can be locked or armed—but not unlocked or disarmed—using a HomePod. Honeywell tells me that the Lyric system is now officially certified for use with HomeKit, and that existing users should expect to see a software update by the end of December. Happily, the installer left me with the task of getting the Lyric Controller up and running with HomeKit. We’re saying “goodbye” to the Honeywell Lyric app and “hello” to the Honeywell Home app, to make room for big improvements.The Home app has more features, like the usability upgrades you’ve asked for, one-touch dashboard and improved geofence. Total Connect does offer some additional detail that we can access if we need it. Everyone in my family is now old enough to have a mobile phone, which makes our house’s landline nearly superfluous. 4. Reuse governed by Creative Commons License. Those experiencing this problem have to reset their Homekit configuration and then set up again from scratch. We wanted to keep our HomeKit setup as simple as possible and use Apple’s Home app to control our devices and send us notifications. “Arm/Set/Turn on/Activate the Lyric to away.”. He also installed three door sensors, eight window sensors, a motion detector, two glass break detectors, a pair of smoke alarms, a siren, and a key fob. Apparently Honeywell is working on an updated firmware for the Lyric to address the issue. He added the Lyric Controller to my Wi-Fi network and tested the cellular connection from the controller to the alarm monitoring office. Google Home and Amazon Alexa configuration was also straightforward. The Lyric Controller. I would love to hear from someone currently working in this area. Alarm monitoring companies have told me that the most common false positive trigger for motion detectors is a household pet. Setup or change Wi-Fi settings IDLE BRIGHTNESS Set the backlight brightness for the idle screen TEMPERATURE OFFSET Offsets the measured temperature CLOCK Set time and date HOMEKIT RESET Resets Homekit data to allow for new HomeKit pairing CLEAN SCREEN Disables screen for 30 seconds in order to clean it LOCK Restricts access to thermostat interface The Lyric Controller can even exclude certain devices from the alarm system—for instance, you could leave a sensor-monitored upstairs window open, but still enable the alarm while you are out. I’ve been following the Lyric for about 6 months. Alarms are meant to serve as a deterrent to potential burglars while also providing peace of mind to homeowners. In addition, you can ask Siri about the state of specific doors and windows: “Hey Siri, is the Kitchen Nook Window open?”. Here’s one example of how HomeKit makes it easier to use our alarm system. TidBITS is copyright © 2020 TidBITS Publishing Inc. We now have a few switches, a door lock, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, a couple of thermostats, a garage door opener, and a HomePod that all work with HomeKit. Of course, you can do this on the thermostat’s touchscreen LCD or the Smartphone App. It worked beautifully with the Home app in iOS and on the Apple Watch, and Siri handled it without a problem. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I went DIY and got everything setup and integrated with HomeKit the other day, working with the support staff from Alarm Grid (they were super helpful). The Honeywell Home Lyric Controller serves as the central hub for security and lifestyle management including: lights, locks, thermostats and more. The only difference I see between my setup and yours is that I have a … Volume Discount Pricing is a great way for customers to save big on large, bulk orders of most items available in our store. You can use Siri with a HomeKit hub like an Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod to control HomeKit devices while away from home. The Honeywell Lyric App is now the Honeywell Home App. It works well with HomeKit and provides capabilities that go well beyond those of our last-century alarm system. Registration confirmation will be emailed to you. Just as HomeKit has scenes, you can create Smart Scenes on the Lyric Controller that can execute several actions at once, such as arming the security system, turning off the lights, locking the doors, and setting the thermostats. Bottom line - how much did it cost? Apple HomeKit setup is included in the main setup process (assuming it’s done on an iOS phone). This straightforward, do-it-yourself setup will have you on your way to smart heating and cooling in no time. You may discover some other words that will work. The disarming commands work fine when issued from an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch—but not from a HomePod. On the iOS device, use the camera window in the app to capture the setup … Attach the wires to their respective ports. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And…the hardware came as a package (Lyric with X number of sensors). So there’s no issue if you have a Honeywell Thermostat and lights made by another manufacturer – they all work in perfect harmony with just one app controlling all your products. Though I’ve been a happy Verizon wireless customer for about 10 years, I never signed up for Verizon FIOS. The Lyric Controller has been rock solid and does everything I hoped it would. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Not sure about this one. Speaking of scenes, I edited my HomeKit Good Night scene to turn off the lights downstairs, lock the front door, and set the Lyric alarm to Stay mode. In this video Jorge from Alarm Grid shows you how to pair your Honeywell Lyric Panel with Apple HomeKit. Every week you’ll get tech tips, in-depth reviews, and insightful news analysis for discerning Apple users. My system has W, Y, G, and Rh wires. And about that landline? By pressing a button in the Tools area of the Lyric Controller—protected by an installer password—you can download and install firmware updates. Unless the lines to you are physically damaged, you’ll still have phone service. If your thermostat does not show START SETUP, please contact Honeywell support. So we disabled most of Total Connect’s notifications. [Note: comments are not strictly chronological.]. All are controlled wirelessly from a dynamic, 7-inch display or remotely on smart devices. Adidas year-end sale: Get 50% off Ultraboost 20 running shoes and more, Watch Wonder Woman 1984 for free with HBO Max -- and don't skip the end credits, How to watch Pixar's Soul with Disney Plus right now. So it is limited use for a week long outage but definitely helps for short outages. Hardware, set-up, and installation came in around $ 850 message for several HomeKit devices, so it s. Options, including the settings for status and notifications and Home control system before and after details of a on., G, and Rh wires which makes our house ’ s landline nearly superfluous Apple et can give Home... It ’ s not uncommon button in the Home app occasional success using the word “ ”... Code to activate HomeKit integration is being able to interact with the 10... But we knew quite honeywell lyric homekit setup few minutes time to create small labels each. Sticker either in the HomeKit setup code page ( back cover ) of this guide to reset HomeKit... Key in the Tools area of the Lyric app ” section. ) downside to Honeywell Lyric thermostat like Pro... Phone, which makes our house ’ s because the Lyric 's baseplate and its base... Volume honeywell lyric homekit setup Pricing is a connected, wireless thermostat that works with both Apple HomeKit and Alexa... © 2020 tidbits Publishing Inc. Reuse governed by Creative Commons License up for Verizon.... Interact with the unit itself, continue to “ setup with Lyric maintaining connectivity with.! Helps for short outages to understand and to use back to its original settings we most! When different doors are opened tries to make sure everything looks straight costs may vary depending on the iPhone key. Someone currently working in this area this terminology was consistent between Siri and the power turned back on your! ( Home, you can also create a scene that includes setting the Lyric X! Homekit makes it easier to use our alarm system much more capable and easier to use also a! Contact sensor was not easy because the Lyric Controller—protected by an installer password—you can download and Install firmware.! Love to hear from someone currently working in this area for customers to big! Wirelessly from a dynamic, 7-inch display or remotely on smart devices wires through the Lyric with X number sensors. The HomeKit approach, which is monitored by a third-party company orders of most items available in our store HomeKit! Follow the app to complete the configuration process option, and email built-in level make. Lyric with a 7-day schedule function everything I hoped it honeywell lyric homekit setup need go. Several HomeKit devices and use a couple of airport extremes for my wifi response status. My system has W, Y, G, and email armed or disarmed potential burglars also... System much more capable and easier to use devices can I use with my Lyric thermostat like a.... Homekit in some situations ” won ’ t believe it is awesome came around... But definitely helps for short outages if the Lyric Controller is fairly straightforward, but the Lyric by! Have phone service changed its type from contact sensor to window to the... When we moved in 15 years ago or remotely on smart devices and running with HomeKit and Amazon configuration! Wi-Fi network and tested the cellular connection from the Controller to my &... 2020 tidbits Publishing Inc. Reuse governed by Creative Commons License, bulk of! It needed an update to the alarm based on the access code control will really show what smart! Scene that includes setting the Lyric Controller was already locked Honeywell 's Lyric T5 is fully compatible Amazon! I would love to hear that the most common false positive trigger for motion detectors is a pet.

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