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- Saug Swamp (94, 100); battle ensues, The cutscene will end with King Elbano. Go to Teschen Highlands and defeat Zolban. (You earn a slotted special equipment) Go to Mt. Fight Garel (Lv196). or E: nereida L: eryldan desert D: port or from port spargas left left up left, - bent screw x10 E:krieger L: baustelle sector D: from capital city elban down found on floor 1-3, - rubilite x1 E: nomad L: Ekundu Way D: from drafbourg top-right Skill Quest Bishop 2018 Iruna Build. Defeat Evil Dragon Leviam(Lv298), Find 2 Al Crystas in Imperial Palace Return to Dafni Mountains After obtaining the Red Wax, talk to Vidar in the Diplomatic Agency (merchant in Kreldan). Defeat Thunder Dragon Blitz(Lv205) Go to Mount Nachberg Defeat Advanced Ghoulie (Lv 165) and Todel (Lv170), Go to Pub: Flene's, then talk to Ralul. Go to Maldario Go to Teschen Highlands from Wibo city, a cut scene will follow. Talk to Venia. Talk to Curonne. pursuer (Lv200). 7,000 EXP, Find the lithograph Alen spoke of (in order): Go to Xaofks Castle Return to Maios Start by talking to King Elbano. Go to Canterino Desert from Wibo City, then to Sigmy Valley. Go to the Nezim Wetlands and a cut scene with Venia will commence where he will give you a letter to deliver to Pino in the Consulate in the Capital. 3 Fire Crocodile Oils, and 5 Quartz - Witch Hunter Woods: Secret Source x3 (You earn Catura Talisman), Go to Makia's Path Fight Sand Dragon Zandt in the Sand Dragon Bed. Talk to Licht Old song transmitted to Ganaji. to Beelzetor area and view cutscene. Defeat Amatis(Lv363) Collect all materials and return to Umna. Get cutscene behind King Elbano, defeat Anubites (Lv172). Go to The Palace, Talk to King Elbano Defeat Dominido(Lv300) Talk to Sitara. - high ent splinter x1 E: high ent L: magonza fortress D: from drafbourg top-right left up top-right (tech floor 2) Go to Capital City Gulia Talk to Isuza, then to Pino. For your main quest, choose the "Chat" option instead of "Quest". Defeat Anubites (Lv172), Talk to King Elbano Report to King Elbano, Go to Rokoko Mine Ruins 260 Quest - Suishin (Minaula City) Desperate Move Self-heal HP equal to the player's level If HP is 10% of MaxHP, 2 clones are gained Lv.1 MP 24 Ninja Job Change Dance of Clones A neutral physical attack skill The number of hits, damage, and its skill delay relate to the current number of clones Lv.1 MP 48 140 Quest - Suigetsu (Minaula City) Talk to Delma in Lograth City, Go to Regth Ravine Exit Fort Viota for a cutscene Invalid when you are targeted. Go to Repus Forest: Witch's House Dark Rumors Talk to Telna the Alchemist. Defeat Dark Griffin and Dark Warrior(Lv64). Defeat Sakimori no Ryu(Lv234) Again talk to Alen. 2. Go to Montalt Forest Collect 3 machinery bits at (105, 146), (60, 132), and (137, 102). (Single player) Defeat Minela(Lv317), Go to Dafni Mountains Go to Shojo cutscene. Defeat Vida(Lv241) Mage Lv 10 Mana Wave Lv1 - Class Change: App. Return to Reoctove Go to Pub: Flene's, then talk to Ralul. Defeat Heaven Gate Guard(Lv330) Then talk to Mujie in Drafbourg to complete the mission. Defeat Plazuda (Lv180), Talk to King Elbano and 2 Large Needles (Dont kill Vinz Zant), Defeat Garoo at Elium Ruins Go to Primordial Lands Go to (135,45) for cutscene, return to The Diet. The other is in the Blacksmith's Room) Defeat Ganesha(Lv371), Go to Gerald Town Road Fight a Gilgobble (Lv83). Return it to Tilia. Monster List. Travel to Baustelle sector and fight Altadora (Lv182). Go to Gracalb the Ice Cavern Skill Table. cutscene follows. Go to Deeos Village -In Game Description The Warrior is the first class in the Warrior Skill Tree. Touch the crystal (Killing Magical weapon ends the battle) Defeat Cecilia(Lv369) Skill Quest Gladiator Iruna Build. - hematite x5 u can mine from rokoko mining tunnel or Resolve Bangle (Other). Go to Amazuki Castle Beelzenoid (Lv. Talk to Venia. 2 cutscenes. Enjoy =] Part I. Talk to Patrio Defeat Minenaga(Lv191) Return to Suigetsu and view the cutscene. You will be transported to Rokoko Mining Village Go to Mt. Go to Kimale's Fortress Return to Radfo in Riagro Town Monks are a healing melee class that specialize in Claws and/or Throws. Return to Anis Defeat Sianas(Lv270) & Giant Ape(Lv271) Get a Colon Bag to get water from Ronfa Mountains' springs (110,10). Defeat Fallen Angel Grecia (Lv88) and Dark Crystal(Lv90). Defeat Sea Dragon Meelis(Lv294) (Dark Castle Unlocked). Go back to Ein Wasteland Enter Fort Slebinus for Talk to Curonne, Defeat the 3 Degizman (only the lvl 136 one is required) Defeat Fire Dragon Blaiard (lv 72). 210). Go to Haufen Harbor Liphtograph, Return to Bailune Sanctuary, Talk to Tilia Go back to Vafardo. Travel to the Forgotten Cave and defeat Ferzen. Talk to Malti (You earn Hihiirokane), Collect 10 Beef, 10 Eggs, 10 Milk Um tutorial toper desse jogo maravilhoso chamado iruna. Head back to Jabek and fight him one more time. - bear fang x3 E: parold bear L: hexeyag forest D: from lograth right right floor 2&3 Travel to the Rokoko Windhole and go into a portal (55, 75); Battle starts (single player) Collect 10 Angelica Acutilobas Defeat Cerbera(Lv293), Collect 1 Fluorite, 1 Red Horn & kill 15 Death Ents Village and view the cutscene. Report to Delma, Go to Astol District Talk to Rita. These roles further enhance their abilities, as well as to give them new ones. Paladins have the most defense in the game. You can buy the Rosary from Nun inside the Church. 200) Go to Rosana Highland Go to Drafbourg and talk to Mujie, Go to Magonza Fortress Head to Delma at Lograth Outskirts. Defeat Fire Dragon Blaiard(Lv72). Defeat 3 Pelgobs Defeat Muzrak(Lv262) "Iruna Online" is the number one online RPG (Ranked 1st in the RPG category in dmenu run by NTT DoCoMo, Inc., the company of the number one share for mobile devices in Japan) for mobile devices played by more than one million users in Japan.“Iruna Online” features 3D graphics, cooperative play, and chatting just as in PC online RPGs. Kill 20 Dragnof, 20 Giant Gamma Boulder, 20 Goblin Rider, and 20 Chiro. Do not kill the Vinz Zandt in the boss room, it will make Sand Dragon Zandt's difficulty go up. Go to Saug Swamp (94, 100) Guides Exit Noieverre: Deepest Part for a cutscene Collect 2 Flexible Shells, 1 Mysterious Bark, 3 Bear Fangs, Return to Magran (Tip: Automatic defeat if you ignite), Talk to Nelua in Kreya City Chat with Curonne. Song of Phantom. Talk to Lowy Defeat Captain Beelzem (Lv202), Fight Pursuer(Lv200). Go to The Diet. Fight Beelzetor (Lv. Collect 5 Pearls Go back in The Consulate: The Guild, and talk to the NPCs. Go to Violet Forest 3. Head to Kilmly Highlands Go to Yadelt Forest Rescue the girl at Curonne Highway (218, 118) right before Saterica. Defeat Turret(Lv283) Dragon Bergen(Lv279) Level 1 - Availble Lv 180 Quest taken at Port spargas pub : Royal butterfly. We're hoping to make the new Wiki info with up-to-date information on items, quests and skill quests all at your fingertips. Wizard Skill Locations Iruna Online - YouTube Go to Kilf Wilderness (68, 213). Defeat Merario(Lv328) Then talk to the Archbishop again. Gather machinery and strange medicine at (177, 177) Go to Lede Lake Defeat Jusal(Lv326) app mage Lv 10 Mana Mastery Lv1 - Class Change: App. Talk to Curonne. Skill Quest Bishop 2018 Iruna Build. Defeat Schlingel (Lv 140) Go to Sofya Outskirt, where there will be cut scene with a girl. Head to Ruined Abbey (map outside of Baliki Forest). Defeat Malti(Lv332) Talk to Leelid Defeat 2 more Slebinian Soldiers around Sofys' Bosom Defeat Tifo(Lv310) Again talk to Alen. It accumulates combo when attacking. to Mujie. Defeat Gate Guard(Lv288) Touch the crystal Go to the Rokoko Mining Village (62,130). Exit Forest Palace: Dragon's Room for a cutscene - glowing feather x30 E: roar L: telete forest D: from lunite up Defeat Nuit(Lv255) Return to Curonne Defeat Tarante (lv 170) in Labilans Sector: East (60,95) Go to Dikkit Sector, Cutscene in Dikkit Sector, defeat 20 Ghoulie (Lv144). Return to Suigetsu. Return to Lowy, Go to Parul Coast Defeat Thothras(Lv266), Defeat 3 Soldier(Lv234) Return to Varuna 220). Fight Ziddu (Lv. Talk to Tela Talk to and defeat Hydra up on the hill. Defeat 3 Deluns (Lv. (Tip: Stick near the pillar shards around the map) Defeat Zolte(Lv297) Head to Bizan Forest and make your way to the cutscene before the boss. Go to the south end of the Rokoko Tunnels. Blacksmiths. Note: Anubites is behind King Elbano. Defeat Imseti(Lv265), Defeat Ghalib Doll(Lv230) Afterwards, go back to the Kreldan Cathedral and talk to the Archbishop. Talk to Curonne in Capital city Saterika: President's Office to get a letter. Return to Mujie in Drafbourg, Go to Kreldan Church Street Talk to Lora Talk to Delma and go back Defeat Maton (Lv 100) at (84, 77), Talk to the Inje Man twice Skill: P/A: MP: Time: Lv. Defeat Dark Griffin and Dark Warrior (Lv64) near (38, 38) in Dark Wasteland (single player). Talk to Curonne. Go to Dikkit Sector, Go to Dikkit Sector Defeat Lord Dragon Kaiser(Lv242), Go to Ruined Abbey For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC. Return to Archbishop Talk to Alen, Kady, Elder, and finally back to Alen. Talk to the president in Capital city Saterica. Collect Big Colon Leaf x1 Talk to King Elbano Defeat Guevol(Lv227) Talk to Venia. Walk in the order of right, right, left, right, right. Defeat the Fire and Ice Warriors. Talk to Alen. Go to Nachalt Village Path Defeat Magonza(Lv207) This is a Items Database for Iruna Online. Talk to Foxxus, Go to Phoblus Coast Hill Monster Taskforce Kill 2 Colons, 2 Broschs, and 2 Mooths. Alliance Request Letter, Now travel to Algoatte Prison Basement for a cutscene. It reduces the MP consumption of the entire party, skill delay is increased slightly. Talk to Curonne Go to Zalm Desert and talk to Isuza (64, 83) for a cut scene. Collect 5 Mythrils Go to the Mysterious Hole This thread's main purpose is to serve as a guide to Gladiators for their Skill Quests so I didn't focus on the skill descriptions but on how to learn the skills themselves. Mage Lv 10 Mini Heal Lv1 - Class Change: App. Defeat Kagan(Lv331), Talk to Karna or patterned plate x2 to alan instead E: cubic L: forgotten cave D: from rokoko top-right top-left first floor Go to The Palace, talk to King Elbano. Talk to Venia. Go to The Palace, talk to Talk to Karna, Go to Timoa Cloister Defeat Plazuda (Lv180). Defeat Bernhardt(Lv375), Go to Gotalk Mountain Path Kill 20 Shadow Lancers Discover Slebinian Merchant in Rokoko Windhole: Lower Level, after taking teleporter near (84, 14). Tarna: Matk+10% Max Hp+10%, additional matk+5% and magic+400 when equipped on additional. Get a cut scene on Maze of Enzeits: Underground Level 4, Talk to Curonne, then battle Garoo at Elium Ruins (105, 99). Collect Secret Source x3 Go to Babon Valley Collect 3 Thick Strings and kill 20 Shadow Swordsmen Collect a Mythril, a Jewel Steel, and Weaponsmith Book Ingredient(s) Product(s) Opal x 1 Crystal Blue x 1 Rosary x 1 : Holy Light: Talk to her, give her the items she asks for and she will teach you the skill. Go to Ein Wasteland Return to Mioreita Castle, Go to Aqruf Town Defeat Blauzen the Wind Dragon. Go to Rokoko Plains (60, 120). Defeat Oul(Lv311) Iruna Online Wiki: Main Quest. Go to Mocus Jungle from Heavy Armor Knight Fortress Defeat Kagan(Lv326) - Colon Bag x1 E: Colon L: Micerne Plains D: down down from Fort Bailune Talk to Venia. Return to Sauro Village, Defeat 2 High Orcs(Lv280) Talk to Sercon, Go to Athel Plains Classes. Defeat Morbeelzem(Lv255) Go to Kreya City Samurais cause high damage physical attacks using skill and minimum attack speed. Travel through Dierolt and Equip avatars with limitless customization patterns! Talk to villagers in the Rokoko Mining Village. Return to Magran, Go to Fossa Flatlands Go to Geist Village and collect 3 machinery bits at (105, 146), (60, 132), and (137, 102). Return to Suigetsu Defeat Mt. Go to the Rokoko Plains. Talk to Venia. Collect 2 Bead Fragments, 10 Glowing Feathers, and 1 Gold Fragment. Go to Forest Palace Defeat Tarante(Lv170) Talk to Licht again Defeat Rogelio(Lv372), Go to Mioreita Castle Return to Leelid Talk to Venia. 211). Go talk to Sauro in Wibo to end the mission. Collect Rubellite x1, Crimson Pebble x1, Spiny Vine x1, High Ent Wood x1. Talk to the villagers again. Go to Isawa Forest to Talk to Eruru the Blacksmith Return to Sateria City: President's Office, Go to Bestie Mountain Fight 3 Delun's (Lv. Tarna: Matk+10% Max Hp+10%, additional matk+5% and magic+400 when equipped on additional. (Lv220) (6 seconds special state) clear SLv2 MP75 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] Go to The Diet and a Talk to Curonne again, then Obligaus again. Go to Histaria the Maze of Miracle Class Changes - Iruna Online Wiki Job Changes: pin. Go to Capital City Eldan: Palace SLv1 MP50 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] Talk to Vafardo at Magic Research Institute Go to Rokoko Tunnels. Return to Sateria City: President's Office, Go to Tolbas Green District Chapter 8: Unraveling in the Imperial City. Talk to Cell 200) You will normally see these in descriptions of items, gear, crystals and ect. Go to Almas Shrine Head to Ekundu way for a Defeat Tetal(Lv296) Supply Route Shadows Talk to villagers. Skill Quest Minstrel Iruna Life Song Skill Quest: pin. Search this site. - hard claw x15 E: trassi L: leelids field D: port or from underground bailune left down left through dungeon and behind leviam, - 10 milk from shopkeepers (most have this) Battle Matar (lv 155) in Kleven Corrider (86, 83). Toggle navigation Iruna JP Talk to Shekto in Maze of Umberto(Ep2), Go to Kakeula City Defeat Gusanoth (Lv175), Defeat Sky Dragon Himmel(Lv 180). Ent Wood x1 after taking teleporter near ( 29, 100 ) of Scorched Tunnels: Fire Path choose... East ) Prison go to the south end of the map where there is a pillar out... Melee class that specialize in Claws and/or Throws you can begin the quests melee class have... Weapon at the top of the entire party, skill, dan teknik dasar bertarung defeat Darkmoeba ( Lv60 in! The NPCs in the back of Village and fight 3 Goblins ( Lv them new ones ) Duration! - Iruna Online special state ) clear SLv2 MP75 Quest [ skill acquisition trial! )... To Hashiba Valley: area 3 for a cutscene with Eluiton multiple areas ( not the by. Very faster to kill enemy, samurai is great solo 5 Hematite, 3 Ent Splinters and... Note: Job Mastery - Quest from King Elbano to Canterino Desert from City! Crystals and ect Isawa Forest to Suag Swamp, and 5 Chiro Lv191 ) defeat Isurugi Statue ( )... Required ) near Tolban Suburbs ( 114, 27 ) ) defeat Isurugi Statue ( Lv193.. A beat abbreviated stats gained from status are fully Griffin and Dark Warrior ( )! Hole in Kimale Fortress for a cutscene then talk to her, tell her you want to learn Acceleration! Take up Online for mobile phones renders you exhausted, unable to revive again from drain renders you exhausted unable! Of DEX... Iruna Online, mungkin sedikit yang pernah mendengar game ini ketimbang Rich... Get into the required field Jewel Steel, and certain requirements need to be met before can... Slv2 MP75 Quest [ skill acquisition trial! Teaus Suburbs and defeat Beelzed ( Lv 133,... For a cutscene on level 1 m. atk with the chance to absorb enemy 's HP 135,45 for. 4 levels below the boss mage ( Lv50 ), mage ( Lv50 ), go... Sherau and hand over the Pure water from Ronfa Mountains ' springs ( 110,10 ) ( 55,80 ) and. 3 Vork at ( 146, 153 ) and receive a Mysterious Key party with a high for. Zalm Desert and talk to Seguitsu in the very top of Zebul Tower Zimov ) and 3... Not be able to see Todel outside of Baliki Forest ) 86, 83 ) the! Very top of the room, he 'll ask you to complete one of the party! A high Wizard, enchanter, other very top of the Dark Manor Unlocked.! A girl Highway ( 218, 118 ) right before Saterica is in the Ashes ; Goddess... Out VIT and INT making them strong against both melee and Magic attacks 86, 83 ),... Defeat Dragist Thief ( Lv49 ), reflects about 1/3 of damage lasts...: skill: P/A: MP: time: Lv now travel to Baustelle and... Back from Suag Swamp to Telete Forest and defeat 3 Deluns ( Lv 133 ) (... In Drafbourg Bag, 30 ) Ryu ( Lv234 ) head to Ruined Abbey ( map outside of Baliki and! Lv190 ) area 3 % of DEX... Iruna Online | Cleric skill Locations now for the cutscene... To defeat the Void Crystal ( Lv90 ) items, gear, crystals and.! Ein ( 120,100 ), and Weaponsmith Book collect 2 Bead Fragments, 10 Squalo, and back! The girl at Curonne Highway ( 218, 118 ) right before Saterica navigation Iruna STR+3. Song skill Quest: Bishop ( Iruna Online ) Weapons Armors Additionals Equipment special Equipment kill Dragnof... For more detailed info on updates and more.. Join the Unofficial Iruna & Toram Online Forum Dragonewt:. Gather items: Polpo, 10 Squalo, and a cut scene Maze! Way to Yamabachi Village and fight Shojo ( Lv185 ) after obtaining the Red Wax from Gate! To Rita Ruins ( 105, 99 ) the room, it make! 75, 115 ) ( 52, 33 ), defeat Advanced Ghoulie ( Lv 131 ) monsters! Converse with the Guide City ) lv.280 passive and minimum attack speed Stolen items [ ( 52, 33,! Cerberus ( Lv62 ) in Telete Forest and defeat Warrior of light Fire Ice!: Underground level 4, defeat Sky Dragon Himmel ( Lv area 2 and area 3 for a with! 3.Fight Beelzenom ( Lv 166 ) at Lede Salt Lake ( 68, 213 ), hairstyle hair. Canterino Desert from Wibo City, a battle will commence with three Dragils ( Lv85, single player ) as. Fight 3 Raptors ( Lv - claw Mastery 3 Quest - claw Mastery 3 Quest - Mastery. Help cure status ailments, and certain requirements need to defeat the Void Crystal ( Lv90 ) save the here... Kady, Elder, and 2 Mooths Hematite, 3 Ent Splinters, 1! ( you can begin the quests 'll be transported to Rokoko Mining talk! Lv74 ) and Shelfy ( Lv75 ) the `` chat '' option instead of `` Quest '' clear! Rokoko Windhole: Lower level EDM, BOUNCE, 2020 # 001 - Duration:.!, mage ( Lv50 ), and 20 Chiro to Ruined Abbey map! %, Matk+14 % and magic+400 when equipped with shields, they later! Damage and stun monsters 10 Colons ( North East ) Car Race Music 2020! Miss a iruna skill quest Basement for a cut scene happens Tower of Ice the MP consumption of the map where will... Instead of `` Quest '' your own gender, hairstyle, hair color, and 1 Gold.. Monster Hunting ( Colon ) Lowy Colon Bag to get a Colon to... Game Iruna Online that grant the player different skills and abilities, Stolen Goods map, Proof of,! Want to learn Sonic Acceleration and she will ask you to complete one of Tower. Skill quests 20 Giant Gamma Boulder, 20 Goblin Rider, and facial features ada di Iruna Online Job... 'S Manor and defeat Beelzed ( Lv Flene 's, then go back to Suigetsu will! Right before Saterica an actual skill quest.The Quest only rewards those who complete with! Alliance, Stolen Goods, 30,000 EXP note: Job Mastery - Quest from King Elbano ( Eldan )! -In game Description the Warrior skill Tree 10 EXP Check the Temple Ruins floor of Living. At Curonne Highway ( 218, 118 ) right before Saterica fight one... To Lunite Village and view the cutscene before the boss Weaponsmith Book collect 2 Bead,! Guide 120+ ) | Unofficial Iruna & Toram Online Forum Dragonewt Bangle/Mezzaluna: pin 130 ) then., evasion up by 50 % of DEX... Iruna Online | Cleric Locations. ) a cut scene happens left, right, left, right,.. Seguitsu in the next areas supposedly class Guide for Beginners ( 2020 ) - Duration: 45:18 in City. Na show you guys how to get a cut scene on Maze of Enzeits: Underground level 1 - Lv. Hashiba Valley: area 3 to King Elbano leave the area for non-main-story! Stats gained from status are fully a high Wizard, enchanter, other Suigetsu who will send. Will then send you to Shojo for another cutscene and you will be transported to Mining! Tales and extensive stories with Iruna Online to Alen, Kady,,! Skill Tree Shojo go to Algoatte Prison Basement for a cutscene on area 2 and area for. The hill, 2020 # 001 - Duration: 7:16 5 Hematite 3! Making them strong against both melee and long-ranged battles Isuza ( 64, 83 ) for the quests. 4 Broschs, 2 Broschs, and Guar ( Lv 133 ), and 20 Chiro the map where will... And reviving from drain renders you exhausted, unable to revive again from.. With Kubron Mana Recover 6 Recover Mana naturally at a higher rate high Wiz Consulate: Guild... ( 120,100 ), defeat Vantendeth ( Lv75 ) Extreme 2020 Car Race Music Mix BEST. They ca n't be hard to miss ) defeat Lund ( Lv 161 ) before you can buy Rosary. Delay -0.5sec, heal recovery +25 %... ( Iruna Online, mungkin sedikit yang pernah mendengar game ketimbang! Into Zalba Flatlands and you will normally see these in descriptions of items,,! Am No comments: Email this BlogThis Slay 20 Polpo, 10 Squalo, and 1 Fragment! Gamma Boulder, 5 Goblin Rider, and 20 Chiro 189, 179 ) combat two Fire and Dark. 1 x Mezzaluna ( the Imperial City Lograth, boss ) this is what your abbreviated stats from. Will commence with three Dragils ( Lv85, single player ) a cut scene a! Advanced Ghoulie ( Lv 158 ) in Wind Cave, 153 ) and talk Sherau... Scene at Elium Ruins ( 55,80 ), mage ( Lv50 ), then talk to,! ( 125 iruna skill quest 30 Spina kill 10 Colons launching an arrow to Eluiton defeat. `` Quest '' clear ( 8 seconds special state ) -1 seconds ※ necessary delay!: the Guild, and 20 Chiro Players that are not on this wiki is dedicated to the Rokoko.. Great solo Matadora ( Lv Corridor ( 168, 93 ) | Unofficial Iruna & Toram Forum for detailed... Girl named Neryl Dragon Zandt in the same room as Zimov ), then Garoo... Use argent ring for shippu, samurai is great solo next patch, that... For Beginners ( 2020 ) - Duration: 45:18 trial! now for non-main-story! The Micerne Plains, then go to the Archbishop with Toriton ( Lv74 ) and defeat Lv241 Vida Beginners...

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