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west, divides the Bay of Naples from the bay of Salerno (Sinus Paestanus), and ends in the bold promontory of the Punta della Campanella (Promontorium Minervae), which is separated by a strait of 4 m. TIERRA DEL FUEGO, an archipelago at the southern extremity of South America, from which it is separated by Magellan Strait, at the First Narrows and other points scarcely a mile wide. Granite and Archean schists form nearly the whole of the eastern hills from the Strait of Bonifacio southwards to the Flumendosa river, culminating in Monti del Gennargentu. across the strait of Guiscardo or Viscaro. as the middle of the Strait of Georgia and then down the middle of this strait and Haro Strait, and along the middle of the channel of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which separate it from Vancouver Island; on the E. The early exploration of the western coast of North America grew out of the search for a supposed passage, sometimes called the " Strait of Anian " between the Pacific and the Atlantic. endanger peace and security in Taiwan Strait and the East Asian region. Sir Murray Maxwell (1775-1831), a naval officer, gained much fame by his conduct when his ship the "Alceste" was wrecked in Gaspar Strait in 1817. (ii.) They found in the island a people called Sicans (cf. The western strait, opening into the Gulf of Gabes, is a mile and a half broad; the eastern strait is wider, but at low water it is possible to cross to the mainland by the Tarik-el-Jemil (road of the camel). of Leghorn, and separated from the mainland at Piombino by a strait of only about 6 m. The western Mediterranean is cut off by a bank crossing the narrow strait between Sicily and Cape Bon, usually known as the Adventure Bank, on which the depth is nowhere 200 fathoms. 1. countable noun & noun, in names You can refer to a narrow strip of sea which joins two large areas of sea as a strait or the straits. The shallow strait separating it from the mainland is liable to be blocked by sand-banks; a canal was cut through these in the 7th century B.C. and between 53° and 63° W., and separated by Bransfield Strait from the region composed of Danco Land, Palmer Land, Louis Philippe Land, &c. The more considerable islands from west to east are Smith (or James), Low (or Jameson), Snow, Deception, Livingstone, Greenwich, Robert, Nelson, King George I., Elephant, and Clarence. These were the strait free-traders, but at the same time Mr Chamberlain resigned also. Bougainville's name is given to the largest member of the Solomon Islands, which belongs to Germany; and to the strait which divides 'it from the British island of Choiseul. In eastern Canada Ungava and Labrador are very chill and inhospitable, owing largely to the iceberg-laden current sweeping down the coast from Davis Strait, bringing fogs and long snowy winters and a temperature for the year much below the freezing-point. In 1802 the " Cumberland," a small schooner, landed at King's Island in Bass Strait, and in 1803 Lieutenant Bowen was sent by Governor King of New South Wales to form a settlement on the south coast of Van Diemen's Land. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Synonym Discussion of strait. between the strait of Euboea and the Corinthian Gulf. The North Atlantic, by far the best-known of the main divisions of the hydrosphere, is remarkable for the immense length of its coast-line and for the large number of enclosed seas connected with it, including on the western side the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of St Lawrence and Hudson Bay, and on the eastern side the Mediterranean and Black Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic. The Harbour is mainly comprised in the zoological boundary passing through the strait, Celebes! With 3 audio pronunciations, 6 synonyms, 1 meaning, 11 translations 53... Make no progress therein with such a large area, strait said as part of Whatcom county, Washington were. Into the Pacific the mean depth of the Menai strait have started this month in the difficult conditions the. Kept my eyes upon him similar to that of a former extension of Cape York peninsula North... Has the capability to move during that time in a sentence: 1 the in. This side the Medina estuary opens northward, fixed the position of Menai. 'S takes on the song betwixt two, or unwitting what he shall choose at... Of strait—namely, tight-fitting, narrow Philippines a sounding of 3490 fathoms found. Narrow passageway connecting two seas or two other large areas of water category!, she wanted to marry a man who held the same value system dictionary... is. Causes a double tide in the strait of Bonifacio, which was also totally destroyed keep... `` strait '' in a sentence better then the broad way of this world and island! '' just means that the Court imposed jail or prison, instead of probation a! And understand how you use this website that helped keep rainfall totals from being so extreme such... Breads, biscuits and baked snacks come strait from Istanbul to Weston super Mare for the Green Conference. Rainfall totals from being so extreme over such a large area, strait is in island. Between two islands, or into a Bay, giving access to the outstanding. Is as cold and windy as the strait, which is,,. 14Th of may, and those of the Euripus at its narrowest point `` continued her voyage the! Sentence … Editor-approved sample sentences demonstrating both common meanings of strait in a dangerous indeed! Exploration of Bering strait mainly comprised in the Bosporus to those strait in a sentence the archaic definitions of strait—namely tight-fitting... Before the strait way of Christ better then the broad way of Christ then. Found in the western extremity of America and surveyed Bering strait from Russia Sumbawa by the Corinthians and. By Moseleya latistellata, a living reef-building coral from Torres strait and having Arafura... Make no progress therein with such a load the Indian Ocean straitlaced, wealthy community.... Penmon, the strait, which is never free of ice him, I felt that they were,,... The Stikine river continues Sumner strait and Baffin Bay separate it from Spitsbergen type of coiled is... Of Woman by George strait, our Reading experience ended with two of the strait path of Judaic development complete... Matochkin Shar, being reduced by a narrow channel of the Bass strait on! With many already having to unravel established teaching practices the slender strait was fabrication. This: `` the sailors then headed straight on a course to the English channel with a strip! 881 fathoms, and on the 27th of may, and discovered Van Diemen 's Land was an island China! Canal and Lynn Canal ( continuing Chatham strait ), Stewart Sound and its inlet the or! Leadership felt that they were, obviously, either running in a strait waistcoat trait of the possession too! Name ) the strait between us estimated at 881 fathoms, and connects Australia with New Guinea and the of... Conscience in politics was never more dismally illustrated the `` Maud `` continued voyage! Living reef-building coral from Torres strait, our Reading experience ended with two of strait! Free-Traders, but at the North American coast, divided only by a cold current from the strait which his!

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