how soon can i get pregnant after lletz

April 08 Cancer free result, still CIN3 There's no cramps and its light pink mostly but there have been one or two bits that look more red. Get the latest news, stories, policy updatesand opinions. piddlestix Tue 19-Feb-19 21:15:43. Any questions please get in touch, good luck with TTC. This risk can depend on the amount of cervical tissue that has been removed. Connect with others, share experiences and ask questions on our forum. Jan 08 CIN3 & LLETZ Bleedings during pregnancy after LLETZ procedure. I'll talk to my GP rather than consultant, he and my colposcopist seem to be quite hard to get a straight answer out of but my GP is very good and has known me for a long time. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Have a question? Hi @PostiveThinkingRainbow sorry I've somehow only just seen this. I had my cervix measured with an internal scan but that seemed like it didn't need the stitch which is good news. I've had two previous pregnancies before and have never experienced this sort of bleeding before. Many Thanks Xx, I had lletz for CIN2 nine months before I fell pregnant, I did have some spotting in the first trimester, mainly after intercourse and then during my 12 week scan, but all was fine. Sept 09 Colposcopy - looks normal, smear taken I just wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience?? Ive read that this procedure can cause an incompetent cervix and im now cr@pping myself because I read alot of losses due to the incompetent cervix happen in the 2nd trimester when there is more pressure. That … However, since the procedure I seem to now have light spotting for about 5 days before my period turns up. Conceiving after Lletz - how soon to try? I had 2 lletz treatments before I was pregnant. I started trying about 6 weeks after. I would personally push for an appointment with a consultant. ne84. An egg lives for about 12 to 24 hours after it's released. Sorry you are going through this. I am now getting conflicting information about conceiving again. Though the technique can be helpful in these situations, women may have some concerns about pregnancy after a LEEP procedure. For you to get pregnant, a sperm must fertilise the egg within this time. But now had second letZ done in 2018 at baby being 5 months old. Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by infinita4, Nov 17, 2012. infinita4 Active Member. (The average time to wait before having sex is about four to six weeks. Got pregnant the month after. Pregnancy after LLETZ procedure I then had the LLETZ procedure in June 07 where they removed the affected area of the cervix. Neighbours having a gathering for 20 people tonight! Hope all goes well x, No stitches needed hun im now on my 4th baby and have managed to carry her until 35 weeks so far xxx, Thanks all. March 09 results show mild diskaryosis I think, in general, they do say about 6 months, but I have always been told to allow 6-8 weeks for the cervix to heal so maybe go with what you were originally told. It may be more or less depending on how much cervical tissue needed to be removed.) Joseph Aquilina. Hi, I've been reading this helpful forum for a while but this is my first post. I told my doctor about this,he said hes known women to find out there pregnant few weeks after the procedure due to ovulating before it. But, it is the best idea to wait until you have had one normal period to start trying to conceive a baby. However, most over-the-counter test strips will be accurate after 14 – 21 days after unprotected intercourse. The stitch would then be removed after 37 weeks. Best of luck in your pregnancy! A year would be even better. Oct 09 Smear results show Severe diskaryosis Dr says it all depends on the size of the area removed during the Lletz and the depth. I've continued to have quite a bit of spotting but I'm 18 weeks now too! I've had it checked since and it seems to have healed fine. The ultrasound showed that the pregnancy had stopped progressing at approximately 6 weeks. Hello Ladies. I'm not breastfeeding but I am still expelling lochia, though it has tapered off quite a bit. Hi all, I'll be 15 weeks pregnant this weekend (shock natural). Had loads of pains in first months of pressure on cervix. March 09 Colposcopy, 2 biopsies i dont have the results yet so jumping the gun a bit here. I had a check at 16 weeks and they didn't need to do a stitch. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I havent had a lets, but the info i have seen about it i think they say at least 3 months to let everything try and settle back down. A cone biopsy may weaken the cervix. Women who had have a cone biopsy or a LLETZ procedure, or any other procedure that involves the removal of cells from the cervix before pregnancy, are at higher risk of having a late miscarriage or premature birth (before 37 weeks). There are no products in your shopping cart. I was recently attacked and weeks later realized that I was pregnant. Listening to LBC a call from a Taxi Driver, To send kids in all 5 days when I only work 3, Find out what Mumsnet users thought of Echo by Lloyd’s Pharmacy. I am absolutely terrified of losing another baby! Get updates on how your baby develops, your body changes, and what you can expect during each week of your pregnancy by signing up to the Mumsnet Pregnancy Newsletters. Huge solidarity strength to you!! To allow your cervix time to heal and to prevent infection, you should not have sexual intercourse or use tampons for four to six weeks after the procedure. 3  This gives the body time to heal and reduces the risks of complications. And baby seems to be doing well. X, Hi Piddlestix, I also had a Lletz for CIN3 precancerous cells a couple of years ago. Welcome to the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Forum! LLETZ results today, girls please advise. long story short I had a lletz procedure done on the 10th july to remove precancerous cells from my cervix. While outcomes are slightly better if you wait at least six months between pregnancies, waiting at least 18 months is best. X, Congratulations! Joined: Nov 14, 2012 Messages: 31 I had a LLETZ procedure a few years ago, during which the doctor said that LLETZ could cause pregnancy problems. Feb 09 Abnormal smear Didn't have any spotting but was very closely monitored, consultant led from 16 weeks and lots of extra scans. I'm going to call the GP about it today. I want to make sure my cervix is fully healed before we start trying for a baby, but don't want to wait too long at my age. If HPV is not … How soon after sex can I take a pregnancy test? I have also experienced recurrent miscarriage (some before and some after the lletz) and I have done A LOT of research on this. Conceiving after Lletz - how soon to try? How soon after a caesarean can I get pregnant? Hello Ladies,Can I jump on this thread, firstly congratulations @piddlestix I had two of lots of LLETZ a couple of years ago, I am currently nearly 6 weeks pregnant, my consultant advised my IVF clinic that I will need a "Surgical Suture" put in by 9 weeks, I would love to hear from anyone else who has had this done? Hi I'm not a member of this board but I have had a pregnancy after lletz for CIN3 so thought I could help. You can still become pregnant after a cone biopsy, but you may be at a higher risk of having a miscarriage or having the baby prematurely. DS1 arrived at 36 weeks. That sounds horrible!   This group of couples is unlikely to ever get pregnant without medical help. As with cone biopsy, studies looking at pregnancy after LLETZ show that there is a small rise in risk of birth before 37 weeks and having a low birth weight baby.

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