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It’s origin traces back to India centuries ago. Classy Longevity Cake 6 inch - Delivered right to your doorstep in as fast as 4 hours! These days, dodol can come in different flavours including durian, apple and jackfruit. Usually made by: Malays. We connect travelers to unique and authentic local experiences in Malaysia, crafted by locals. Usually made by: Malays. Usually made by: Chinese. LN1029 2KG S$90.00. You can find egg tarts in many dim sum stalls. In The Clouds Image Credit: Facebook @InTheCloudsCakes. If you can’t get enough for bananas, then try lepat pisang, or the steamed banana packet. 100% natural healthy ingredients for Birthday Cake. The chinese character "Longivity" and the fan I first drew it on a piece of paper, then using the chocolate transfer method, I transferred them onto the cake. And they did mention about it. Try out our Longevity Peaches custom made cakes we designed for you! Usually made by: Chinese. Do you provide delivery? No, in air-conditioned car / room it can last an hour plus. Best taken: Chinese New Year or Hari Raya Best taken: Hot or cold Now and then, you may find modern versions with chocolate sprinkles and cheese. Usually made by: Peranakan. Usually made by: Chinese. Know what’s sweet about Malaysia’s desserts, teatime treats and snacks? One stop online Birthday Cake in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Usually made by: Chinese. Usually made by: Chinese. From RM 145.00. Peanut puffs resemble curry puffs, only stuffed with sweet peanuts within the crunchy pastry. Best taken: Warm, for breakfast or tea Visit any traditional Indian bakery and you can see the many different kind of halwa displayed in the glass boxes. While egg tarts are more famous in Hong Kong and Portugal, these traditional egg custard pastries are a hit in Malaysia. Aww.. How soon can I get my cake? We sell chocolate making supplies, fondant tools, cookie cutters, ready-made cake decoration & much more. It’s a great comfort food that warms the stomach. Learn to make Pineapple Tarts in a Peranakan Kuih Cooking Class in Melaka on LokaLocal. If you are in Bentong, do have a bowl of this as the town is famed for its homemade soybean products. This traditional delicacy, eaten in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, is supposed to be a symbol of happiness. Another one for sweet tooths! Website: Raindough Desserts. Usually made by: Indians. Longevity Peaches - Custom Made Cakes Malaysia. French Patisserie and many more ... Free islandwide delivery for orders above $150 ! Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, pisang goreng or deep-fried banana fritters is a popular snack you can find in street stalls across Malaysia. Festive seasons would not be the same without that light, milky and melt-in-your-mouth magic of Kuih Bangkit, or tapioca cookies. While its traditionally in red, this cake can come in other colors. This simple dessert soup is exactly what it says it is – sweet potato chunks in a ginger and pandan leaf broth, sweetened to taste. Huat Kueh or Fatt Gao is often placed in temples as offerings due to their ability to last longer than other cakes. Best taken: For tea or as a snack Nowadays, you can find mooncakes with non-baked snow skin, nuts or modern fillings like chocolate and ice cream! Putu Mayam is a common street food made by micxing flour with coconut milk or water, then pushed through a sieve to make vermicelli-like noodles. Book a seat on the Royal Klang Walking Tour to visit Little India and try Indian snacks. Festival Cake FOOD Creation Best taken: Warm, tea or as a snack The Best Homemade Cake in Penang with a good review of Cake and more then a decade of baking experience! Quick View. Kuih ros was initially made by Indians, specially for Deepavali. Cendol is a sweet and icy dessert consisting of pandan and coconut jelly noodles, red beans, coconut milk and palm sugar. Usually made by: Malays. Best taken: During Deepavali, or auspicious celebrations Tasting as sweet as it looks, Jhangiri is a flower-shaped dessert with a small ring in the middle, like a doughnut. Usually made by: Malays. The round shape of these cakes evoke the family gathering. Usually made by: Indians. Traditional inscriptions on the cake are the Chinese calligraphic symbols for “longevity” or “harmony”. Each cake comes with one firework candle, two standard candles and a cake knife. And the best part? Longevity design 10 - Peach, gold coins,gold ingot cream design theme. Enticing blue color and a dollop of kaya on the side – no points for guessing why Pulut Tai Tai is a popular Peranakan kuih. Declared a Malaysian heritage food by the Malaysian Department of National Heritage, this refreshing tea time snack is super effective against the country’s hot climate! Only it is cooked pancake style, then rolled up like a popiah or tortilla. LN1031 4kg S$240.00. Usually made by: Chinese. Best taken: Warm and freshly baked Bubur Cha Cha is a popular Nyonya dessert with taro, sweet potatoes, yam and bananas in a coconut based soup. Its tortoise-like shape is a symbol of longevity and prosperity. They are also believed to symbolise happiness. The Rock - Best custom made cakes. Usually made by: Indians, Malays and Chinese. Read about Bentong, Malaysia’s hidden food gem. In The Clouds Cakes promises a wide variety of delicious cake flavours and the head cake artist, Melissa Wong is actually a self-taught baker with no professional training. This creamy glutinous rice porridge in coconut milk can be time-consuming to make (as it requires soaking the rice overnight and watching it cook continuously) but the outcome is satisfying! Not to be confused with Kuih Talam, the two-layered Kuih Seri Muka comprises coconut milk with glutinous rice on one side, and luscious pandan custard layer on the other. Operating Hours: Sun - Thur: 10am - 8pm Fri - Sat: 10am - 9pm Eatzi Gourmet Bakery will have just the right cake for you! I baked a 15" x 12" Japanese sponge cheesecake. Kuih Ros is not made by Malay or Chinese, it is Achi Murukku a traditional indian snack made specially for deepavali or other celebrations. Literally translated to “Red Tortoise Cake” in Hokkien, this mini pastry commonly makes an appearance during Chinese New Year or auspicious celebrations. Kuih Ketayap has the classic Asian blend of pandan, rice flour, grated coconut and palm sugar. Baker's Brew is Singapore's leading cake specialist in Customised Cakes crafting the best longevity cakes (Shou Tao Cake) in Singapore. Best taken: For breakfast, during festive seasons Can I leave my cake in room temperature? "寿" topper included.Classic Flavours: Chocolate Fudge, Choc Sea Salt Caramel, Cookies 'n' Cream Cake Sizes: Small 6" (8-10pax) Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Milk, Butter, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavours, Food Colouring. Best taken: During warm weather Tong Sui or “sugar water” can collectively mean any sweet soup served as a dessert at the end of a meal. As peanuts are a symbol of abundance and wealth, these mini delights are sold during Chinese New Year. It has been adopted by the malays and chinese, do get your facts right. These ingredients provide natural coloring that makes the dessert vibrant and visually appetizing. Learn to make Ondeh-ondeh in a Peranakan Kuih Cooking Class in Melaka on LokaLocal. From shop CanvasAvenue. WHOLE CAKES For special days, parties, or if one bite is not enough, indulge yourself with delicious whole cakes. It is originally made by the Indian community who call it Achu Murukku, but it became popular among the Malay and Chinese community too. They said it’s made by Indians which is not. Polar Puffs & Cake. Most Indian restaurants would have this on their menu. Chewy and aromatic, Kuih Bingka Ubi is rich with tapioca and coconut milk. The pandan-infused glutinous rice batter is filled with gula melaka, then rolled into balls and rolled onto freshly grated coconut. Best taken: As a snack The pungent tropical fruit is added into green bean porridge, and can be taken cold or hot. From RM 200.00. The ever popular Gulab Jamun is prepared by heating milk into milk solids, shaping them into balls and dousing them in a sugary syrup. Best taken: For tea Usually made by: Malays and Peranakan. From early morning until late in the afternoon, the aroma that filled the kitchen, wafted through the living room and wisped its way up the stairs was coffee, Chock Full o’ Nuts specifically. Check us out! See more ideas about Chinese cake, Chinese birthday, Cake. Usually made by: Indians, In Indian culture, Laddu is a traditional delicacy you can find at weddings, parties and other occasions worth celebrating. Conclusion. Best Custom Cakes Online . Unlike all the other rainbow cakes, this cake is so soft! Best taken: During warm weather Believe it or not, Malaysia has its own version of banana pancake! Longevity (NEW!) Resembling a doughnut, this sweet potato pastry is typically coated with sugar or sugary syrup. Usually made by: Malays. Traditionally, longevity buns are popular as peach is long associated with longevity and it is believed that peach of the Heaven can grant extra years of life. All you need is to browse through the catalog of our website and then Order cake online Petaling Jaya Malaysia. It also stands for “Prosperity Cakes” in Chinese. Best taken: During festive or religious celebrations Best custom made cakes, custom made cakes subang jaya, custom made cake petaling jaya, custom made cake klang valley, custom made cakes Malaysia, homemade birthday cakes. Best taken: During Mooncake Festival Longevity Ring (L) RM98.40. Usually made by: Chinese. It is said that you should eat the number of balls according to your age each time, although we can’t imagine eating that much even in your 20s! Cekedok, or jemput-jemput, essentially refers to deep-fried bananas, prawns, onions or corn. The round pastry is baked in a special copper pan, surrounded by charcoal for a smoky fragrance. FREE Birthday Cake Delivery in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The light, crispy and sweet bahulu is a staple during Hari Raya and Chinese New Year, and can come in various adorable shapes and sizes. Akok is a traditional cake popular in states along the East Coast, like Kelantan and Terengganu. We are specialist in flavour, Eggless Cake, Cake, Mille Crepe, Cheesecake & Classic Cake in Malaysia with easy Online Cake ordering & Delivery Service to Penang! The blue hue is achieved by steaming butterfly pea flowers with glutinous rice, giving it an elegant look! JCube. Longevity Cake Topper, Chinese Longevity Cake Topper, 80th Birthday Cake Topper, Asian Cake Topper, Shou Cake Topper CanvasAvenue. A combination of black glutinous rice flour, stuffed with grated coconut and palm sugar, this cone-shaped dessert is wrapped in banana leaf and steamed to perfection. Ais kacang is a beloved Malaysian dessert traditionally made from shaved ice with colored syrup and toppings such as red beans, peanuts, agar agar and atap chee. For bigger cake sizes, please send in an enquiry here to check on availability. Words by Rachael Lum. Not to be confused with Kuih Talam, the two-layered Kuih Seri Muka comprises coconut milk with glutinous rice on one side, and luscious pandan custard layer on the other. In Malaysia, you can have it with a scoop of sweet syrup or gula melaka, as well as have it served hot or cold. These cookies usually make a blooming appearance during festive seasons. 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-07 Singapore 609731. This intensely rich cake is baked layer by layer, which explains the high pricing, but it makes a satisfying teatime snack. Get the best deal of custom made birthday cake service in Malaysia. Images compiled by Azfar Rosehaizat Usually made by: Malays and Peranakan. Unwrap this little kuih and you will see a petite scoop of steamed glutinous rice, topped with sweet coconut filling. In Malaysia, you can order them as a drink, or anytime you fancy! The Unicorn - Best custom made cakes. Price S$90.00. The soft, chewy Kuih Sagu is a simple snack made from tapioca pearls and coated with coconut gratings. Usually made by: Chinese. Best taken: As a snack or dessert Nurse is all you need. A good friend's mother celebrating 85 birthday. Literally meaning “layered cake” in Malay, this multi-layered pudding is made from rice flour, sago and coconut milk. ... Quick View. Those colourful balls. Discover Malaysian food experiences with LokaLocal. Fresh pineapple is grated and slowly caramelised before being wrapped in a rich, buttery pastry. Mooncakes are seasonal so don’t expect to find them anytime other than around August to September. This is one of the few traditional cakes that has evolved with the times. Then frosted it with fresh cream. They can be at home. Red Bean Soup is a childhood dessert for most Chinese families. SINGLE SERVINGS Satisfy your cravings by taking a bite on one of our single serving cakes. The star of this sweet soup is obviously red beans, while other recipes might call for additional ingredients like barley and gingko nuts. HI-TEA SET (NEW!) For all your cake decorating & baking supplies. And it tastes delightful in spite of that! - Cake Together - Delivering in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru - Malaysia's largest online cake delivery marketplace From RM 155.00. Modern ones are infused with brown sugar for an extra kick, like the bakery in Sungai Lima. Classic mooncake is round like a moon and filled with lotus paste and egg yolk. Sold along the streets, food courts and even restaurants, you can even find variations with ice cream, chocolate, local fruits or jelly! “Coffee and” was an expression I heard all the time as a kid. From shop TrendiConfetti. Not available for orders on 1-2 January 2021. Usually made by: Peranakan. 9. Apr 18, 2019 - Explore Kezia Hartono's board "Customised Cake" on Pinterest. Usually made by: Malays and Chinese. We do customize Wedding Cake & Flower theme Cake Commonly found in Kelantan, Tepung Pelita has a custard-like top made from coconut milk and sugar, and a firmer base of rice flour, wrapped in banana leaf. Best taken: For tea or as a snack Now it has become a popular Malaysian pastry. Kuih ros is a type of muruku that’s made by the Indians during Deepavali. If you are so salty about achu muruku mentioned as one of Malay desserts, then why aren’t you raising questions about cendol? Baking Ingredients, Food Decoration, Baking Tools, Bakeware, Cookware, Food Packaging, Baking Appliances. Pop this little Malaysia kuih into your mouth and you’ll enjoy the “pop” of syrupy sweetness! Usually made by: Malays and Peranakan. Best taken: Hot, as a dessert Usually made by: Indians. Usually made by: Chinese. "Thanks nana bake for the yummilicious cake! Best taken: During Hari Raya Usually made by: Malays and Chinese. At the end of the street, there is a patisserie. Lempeng Pisang is cooked in banana leaf, allowing that subtle, sweet aroma to seep through. Best taken: As a refreshing drink Learn to make Ang Ku Kueh in a Peranakan Kuih Cooking Class in Melaka on LokaLocal. 1.6K likes. Payasam is a rice pudding made by boiling rice, vermicelli or tapioca with milk, sugar and additional ingredients such as nuts, raisins and cardamoms. Cake Delivery In Singapore. Best taken: Warm, as a snack or dessert Princess Petunia - Custom Made Cakes Malaysia. It is usually steamed in a huge pan, then sliced into dainty, bite-sized pieces. *Please allow slight variations in cakes from photos seen on the website*. Please leave a comment in the message box at the check out page, if you would like: Each cake is approximately 3.5-4 inches tall. It is typically made from flour, minced dough and sugar, Best taken: As a snack or dessert From RM 160.00. Imagine a quaint town where strangers exchange smiles. Best taken: During Chinese New Year or Hari Raya Best taken: For breakfast or tea A ring-shaped cake crafted in multiple layers to express "long-lasting rapport", "manifold happiness" and "good health and longevity". Call +60176415778 for your Birthday Cake today! Usually made by: Chinese. Malaysia's largest cake selection with over 1,600 cakes from locally talented and established bakers delivered to your doorstep within 4 hours | Delivering to KL, PNG & JB We only accept orders through the Website or Whatsapp (no walk-ins). Address: 1-08-1, Jalan Akuatik, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, Malaysia. Best taken: Warm or cold We have been around since 1990 offering birthday cakes, full month cakes, wedding cakes and cakes for all occasions. Halwa is a range of rice and sweet confections, which are either flour-based or nut butter-based. LN1027 3KG S$180.00. 5 out of 5 stars (429) 429 reviews $ 18.50 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Tibet Silver Longevity Lock Charms, 12mm, Set of 5 GemandBeadLady. It is called Achu Murukku. If you’ve had enough of pisang goreng, give the equally sweet cempedak goreng a try. Suitable For 8-10 Pax. Pulut Hitam is common in many Nyonya households. Best taken: As a dessert Most of the time, this sweet potato dessert is added with sugar, although you can also find savoury versions with serunding fillings. Longevity design 11 - Rustic design peach and roses design theme. Usually made by: Malays and Chinese. After the batter is fried, it is drizzled with sugary syrup, and served during joyous occasions. We believe that this can empower local communities and improve their outreach. Usually made by: Malays. Handmade with love by the staff at Eatzi Gourmet Bakery, this longevity cake will definitely satisfy everyone’s taste buds! 1st Birthday 21st Birthday 21st Tier Cake (NEW!) Fragrant, dense and sweet, blended pandan and coconut milk is baked into the creamy kuih bakar, then sprinkled with sesame seeds. The crispy brown edges! You even have the option of choosing either a Mousse based cake or a Sponge based cake! Whether if it is a traditional or modern design, our cake designers are able to create your ideal cake. Best taken: For tea or as a snack It is usually steamed in a huge pan, then sliced into dainty, bite-sized pieces. Durian lovers would probably enjoy this dessert. Best taken: Hot, for tea or as a snack Over 2000 baking products in Malaysiabakery.com online store. Guess you guys read just the names and commented, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Kelabit Highlands: Malaysia’s Undiscovered Treasure, 5 Quirky Eateries in Malaysia for a Blast to the Past. Korean Style Cake . Usually made by: Indians. Made with rice flour and leavener, it has a slightly fermented taste and sticky texture. Meticulously baked and layered by pastry masters using fresh ingredients; completely addictive-free. Best taken: As a refreshing drink or dessert Read about Bentong, Malaysia’s hidden food gem. Best taken: For tea or dessert Cempedak is a tropical fruit similar to jackfruit or breadfruit, with a fibrous and smooth texture. Burger Cake Children Cake Christmas Cake 2017 CNY Cookies 2017 CNY Hamper 2017 Corporate Cake Design Cake (NEW!) Best taken: As a snack or after ceremonies Mashed bananas are mixed with sugar, then wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. A place for respite, where you can pause, relax and engage in friendly chatter with family, friends and neighbors, set against the titter of children, Malaysia Longevity Theme Cake Suitable For A Respected Person's Birthday.Decorated With Longevity Themed Peaches And Gold Ingots, All Handmade With Sugarpaste And 100% Edible, Ascents Painted With Edible Gold.Dimensions: 7" Diameter X 4" Tall (Weighs Minimum 1.5kg). LN1030 3kg S$180.00. Usually made by: Indians. that’s not Indian. Looking for something unique to celebrate Grandparent or Parent’s Birthday? 5 out of 5 stars (1,967) 1,967 reviews $ 9.90. Longevity Cake Singapore. Burger Cake Children Cake Christmas Cake 2017 CNY Cookies 2017 CNY Hamper 2017 Corporate Cake Design Cake (NEW!) Sometimes other tropical fruits may be used. It is then steamed, then served with gula Melaka (palm sugar). It is also popular during Muslim festivals and weddings. For last minute orders do Whatsapp us at 017-208 9067 to check on availability.

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