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Rob Oswald Claim COVID-19 Was a Hoax? Poplar trees do create pollen, but it is produced by the male tree in early spring, long before fluff season. Originally shared on Reddit by the user named TheRosaryIsles, the clip portrays Fluff Burning practice in Spain that is a visual retreat in which the poplar tree seeds burn … Actually those are not pollens, those are seeds of the trees from the populus genus. Learn more about poplar trees. Did Dr. Sometimes the seed lands with the cottony fluff between the seed and the soil, and germination is inhibited. The Hybrid Black poplars, P Robusta and P serotina are both male [ but both huge trees ]. A video shows the fluff of poplar trees burning across a field in Spain. As innocent as the poplar seeds seem to be, they tend to be highly flammable – often catching fire when a passerby carelessly throws out his cigarette (In Geman: Link and Link). Poplar fluff is not related to allergies as male poplar trees are the ones creating the pollen, but the fluff can be a contributor to the spread of wildfires. It's a record amount for the past decade, but will not cause problems if you're allergic to pollen. Mapping Where Planting Trees Can Help with Climate Change Mitigation, Using Christmas Trees for Habitat Restoration. Is Climate Change Bringing Back Prehistoric Redwood Trees? Did Monica Lewinsky ‘Leave Behind’ a ‘Stunning’ Net Worth? From Spain comes an interesting video in which the local authorities in the park Cidacos de Calahorra carried out a deliberate burning of fluff seeds. Poplar fluff burning in Spain (0:40) Poplar fluff are actually the seeds from female poplar trees that cover the ground during spring. What are you seeing burn is the cellulose filament which is used to make the seeds fly into the air or float on the water and make sure the plant can colonize as much land as possibile. “Fluffy, Cloud-Like Poplar Seeds Adding to Wildfire Hazard in Manitoba.” Did David Bowie Say He Supports Fascism and Call Hitler a ‘Rock Star’? Burning The Poplar Fluff Blanket Off Park Grass In Spain Is Something To Be Seen This is a video from the Parque del Cidacos in Calahorra, La Rioja, Spain of a controlled burn of the poplar fluff (the very fine, kinda dandelion-like seeds released by female poplar trees) atop the grass in the park. https://www.cope.es/emisoras/la-rioja/la-rioja-provincia/logrono/noticias/impactante-incendio-pelusas-chopo-calahorra-que-viralizada-20200507_709241, Mega Tree Planting Efforts Around the World, The World’s Biggest Seagrass Restoration Project Is Good News for Marine Life and Climate, Study Finds Staggering Decline in Marine Fishery Biomass, Rivers in the United States are Changing Colors, Review | The Eternal City: A History of Rome in Maps, The World’s Human-Made Materials Weigh as Much as All Life on Earth, typically planted around public areas during Roman times, https://www.cope.es/emisoras/la-rioja/la-rioja-provincia/logrono/noticias/impactante-incendio-pelusas-chopo-calahorra-que-viralizada-20200507_709241. Most allergists agree that the real culprits are native grasses and other plants that are flowering just as the poplars are seeding. Was this video really taken in Spain? The ball drop on New Year's Eve is going to look a little different in... About That Khalilah Mitchell COVID-19 Vaccine Video. ... as the seeds and their carrier fluff go up in smoke while the grass stays green and living. The cotton-ball appearance of the groups of seeds is responsible for the name cottonwood, which is applied to some species. Cutting down the female trees won't cure your pollen allergy. What you are seeing burn is the cellulose filament, which is used to make the seeds fly into the air or float on the water and make sure the plant can colonize as much land as possible. This material may not be reproduced without permission. Firefighters from the autonomous community of Castilla and Leon said they were sent to remove the poplar seeds festering in the Cidacos park, in Calhorra of La Rioja, northern Spain. It’s shocking,” she said Friday. It had not snowed, no. Coun. El impactante incendio de pelusas de chopo en Calahorra Que se ha viralizado. In June 2019, the City of Winnipeg told CTV News that an unusually large amount of poplar fluff likely worsened a fire in Assiniboine Forest: “The heavy seed load within Assiniboine Forest may have had an influence on the ease of ignition and speed which the fire was able to move,” said the city in a statement to CTV News. Esther Inglis-Arkell. Ruiz, R. (2020, May 7). The Wall Street Journal. The combustible seeds can quickly catch fire and burn off, leaving underlying grass and other vegetation untouched. The true Lombardy poplar cloe, var italica is a male clone, no seeds. Known as poplar fluff, the billowy pale drifts are actually seeds from female poplar trees. On the Nature is Fucking Lit section of Reddit, this video was shared with the caption: “Poplar fluff burning in Spain.”, Poplar fluff burning in Spain from NatureIsFuckingLit. Claim: A video shows the fluff of poplar trees burning across a field in Spain. seeds are covered by a white cottony fluff that allows the wind-born seeds to spread widely although few germinate reproduction is also by root suckers which are produced in abundance can grow in a wide range of conditions Eduardo López, a firefighter of the Parque del Cidacos de Calahorra, told the Spanish news organization El País, that the white stuff is poplar seeds which form as fluff. Divers Exploring Titanic Make ‘Deeply Shocking’ New Discovery. It's a record amount of seeds from the aspen tree, a type of poplar whose seeds are dispersed together with these feathery fluff balls which help the seeds float in the air to reach new sites. The combustible seeds can quickly catch fire and burn off, leaving underlying grass and other vegetation untouched. When fruits mature, the capsules split open and release small seeds attached to silky hairs that assure wind dispersal. Janice Lukes said after speaking with fire crews, she learned poplar fluff also played a role in a large grass and brush fire in Bridgwater Forest on June 1. This video captured from a burn in Parque del Cidacos de Calahorra in Spain, shows the speed at which poplar fluff is burned.

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