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direct speech reported speech; She said, "I saw Mary yesterday." -�́�v�m&��f�b���B�OP3�q��I�I��_�ng��,'�0�P�4��b̄�d�X��T`x��:�������El�#�n�m�Y��̈ޙ���cՎ��/���8�g�NbR3�^��%�p%�bf�O�|%Gj�*;�����]��-����Yj'�M��b6\�[b#���>G���STvE��In��Ûm�Y�#r��1baOW�'�6!,��w��B�#i��Ѽ�3�1f0��w5�8�\s�lڍE���)��ΉͲ�8X�ubM|L�]���:��_�&� t�M� ��]��ts��t�J��V�� e��9��r��4w�G�V֬� �����4�@D���5�z�Η3�|Yq:���@:�����Ԇ����I=ʷ���$���.DT�j��Zt�x";葞��]���D����;��@8�^#h��E�U�(i�2!ǵ':Ϲ�Vt�J�|I��A)�����f�&�����v�� ��:��Z�����g(Uc��r*"M�x#G��/�Iϸm��Ø�[�ّ��R.��٨�G�=�2a�F�-��� �TA��;[���7����F��ͥKCk^���*Z�2��ռ��#��F���f�֒���;�ʶ8�\�&��j�u XK�"��"/����K�[U��g��2��j�Wu�d�H��Bj5�ZI% �~%�Łq�©'*j2G�n����U��"U'FƝQ�kbU�=�8W;o�6����#�j��Z(E��Ēd �QM t$6�5���Ht'Df&,o���B ��s-�(�x� ��B�Z��V\��r�_V�q"��b�j�{?_æ� �b��s�M��RMaۧ4A���w-3B�]�T�}*tD�ٽ�}i�˘�ʼn��f�O��e�r�]�`�Z@W��z��Zg�mf�E� N���&�ǹi߁|ݗ�c97�d�mI$�P�?S��`�ǖFO�*�۵ewW˪N�U�����ʷ%�V���%W .7c�H����F�p��W(lw��lw��lw��'��e3.��;-���T ���zW`�N;��������}�B�}� m�7O:z��ŋ�%8ǨH0�:q��O��%���I��b>MU�0-����|��z]Z�KU�������J1J�$�0.S���i]���+�C��i}�j�Kuզ2U2UC��F�9K^�D��Z����Y�D�T:o���fꙖI��s� Divide the class into groups of four. a) ask a) if it was very b) asks b) was very c) asked c) very 2. Restate the sentences. REPORTED SPEECH: Present Simple Use Reported Speech to complete the sentences below. 1 0 obj 2356 had to is also possible in reported speech, but this is really the past of have to, not must. x��}]�%�q��v_�T,K���S.��J����G�EF"�/�Q��Xy�M������4�9sp���t�U{ �����F7f���e��=\m “Norwegian Wood” provides an example of direct speech (We talked until two and then she said,“it’s time for bed”), which is a nice contrast to the instances of reported speech.The song includes important words, like asked, told and said. This master page contains online reported speech exercises PDF with all Tense forms, Sentences types, Mixed, advanced, easy, interactive, pdf download for all class students and levels. <> Reported Speech Game No teams 1 team 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams 5 teams 6 teams 7 teams 8 teams 9 teams 10 teams Custom Press F11 Select menu option View > Enter Fullscreen for full-screen mode Reported Statements. reported speech, e.g. ' He said, “I … Match the sentences in Direct speech with their counterparts in reported speech: 2. 2. Click here for a list of reported speech exercises. Click here to download this explanation in PDF. An interesting and userful game for Reported Speech. The Interpreter: Game to practice direct / indirect questions and reported speech. Reported speech reversi Prepare cards with reported speech on one side and direct speech of the same sentence on the other. CEFR Level B1 to B2. Our teacher said Alaska … cold. Repitiendo sus palabras exactas, es decir, empleando el estilo directo. It is part of a set of 3, the other two being "Reported Questions" and "Reported Speech - Spe... 5,980 Downloads . If possible, have each pair consist of a male and This is why we often write them on the board. It’s also fairly short and easy to understand. REPORTED SPEECH: OTHER POINTS A. %PDF-1.4 18 Comments so far. ɶ'K]9�E=\�Z������,� N�.6tJ�Y��~:Yn�J� �q�]RJ���O���]{W���|� ������mW��[!���U�ـϷ:Z�}cz� �W�Ӵ%�YЃ#)��s�(^�4WzQ�I{csė�i��7L��66�'6�3{Q��z �=0��M3�M^��I�4�Q�Fӈ�Ea���=fOw�Xb��>��R%��p骮���,H>���a$�D�Ћ�q�O(���z7�����;���! Reported speech sentence completion guessing game Fill at least half of the sentences below with true information, making sure that you use the ��:�� �o��^tx�[y��\Us�Kr��Y��h��v*��Glǫ%���#�$|����x TY����'�� ���0�#.�t\�n*NK�p%)��4�!b���D5�f�T�����ӛ{p"� ���V�RCD�nA( ��@e�#m���dE�M,�\5F0> �>9��pl����t�oO16N٤�+ ٥:�O�R}ƣ��ej;mb�.�Ӧ��i-FXζKa��:�ס�uKkE֬�uvN�^å�_��Ğ���Nշt�A��z���VV�IZ�� endobj �� C �� 25" �� �� �� �*�_�۝���b��P���F7�8F 82��D�

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