how to divide strawberry crowns

Many strawberry plants will develop additional crowns at the base of the plant. Cathy Piger asked: I will live in NW PA and am moving there this winter. Slice off crowns to keep a steady density in highly vegetative plants. Learn about bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses. I think (this is based on my experience and some reading, so take with a grain of salt please!) This is a question submitted to Strawberry Plants .org by a reader. In the fall, transplant strawberry runner plants from bed 2 … These crowns can be separated into new plants. Strawberries (Fragaria) are one of the simple delights of summer. On both June-bearing and everbearing plants some buds in the leaf arils develop into crowns, especially if runners are removed. Branch crowns appear after runners have had a chance to create new plants. Divide by slicing through the crown with the spade or severing with a pruning shears, making certain each division has its own root system and attached branches. The strawberry plants in bed 1should produce a good crop as the strawberry plants will be in their second fruiting year. Q: How to Save Strawberry Runners for Next Year? If the plant to be divided has a period of dormancy it should be divided just before regrowth. Avoiding Birds, Bugs, and Other Pests The tool used depends on the size of the plant involved. A crown can be divided into smaller pieces using a garden fork, sharp spade or knife or by hand. Apparently, multiple branch crowns form on a strawberry and if you carry forward all the branch crowns, the strawberries are too crowded. You may need to thin the runner strawberry plants in bed 1 if they become too thick. Avoid pruning the younger crowns—this can hinder the growth of your plants. The fragrant, juicy gems are surprisingly easy to grow and propagate in a home garden. When dividing crowns, it is important that each section receive an equal amount of the root system, at least 5-10 roots per crown. Strawberry varieties that don't produce a lot of runners can be manually propagated by dividing those plants that develop branch crowns during their growing season. How to Divide & Propagate Strawberries. When done carefully and properly, a mature strawberry plant can be grown from each of these lateral crowns, but often the mother plant is … See the Strawberry FAQ for more questions, or use the search box to find more information. Strawberry diseases can affect fruit, flowers, leaves, roots, and crowns of strawberry plants, and sometimes cause the collapse of the whole plant. Since strawberry plants can create crowns—or extended shoots—from 1 or more auxiliary buds, removing them can effectively promote the development of flower buds. The crown of the parent plant, exposed to shorter, cooler days, produces shoots that behave like new crowns. It's the same principle as dividing any other perennial, except that I plan to leave half the crowns in the ground to bear for the next year. I think strawberry plants are fairly short lived as it is. How to Divide Strawberry Crowns Starting new strawberry plants (Fragaria x ananassa) from runners is an inexpensive way to expand your garden and revitalize fruit production. Multiple crowned plants may be divided by breaking apart or by cutting with a sharp knife.

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