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Game Air is Vallejo's range of airbrush model paints for miniatures. Vallejo Model Air are acrylic paints specially designed for airbrush use (although they can also be used with a brush for specific areas or details). So, you just have to choose the colour set for your vehicle from the following paint kits: Vallejo’s AFV aging system is a set of model paints designed to produce aging and weathering effects on tanks and other armored vehicles. To airbrush airplane models, one of the best options out there is the Air War Colors series. This paint is specially designed for metallic effects including silver, chrome, alluminium, copper, steel, burnt metal... Further down you will find everything you need to know about Vallejo Metal colors, how to use them, available metal colors, what primer to use and where to buy them. Moreover, it slightly delays the drying time of the paint inside the airbrush, so it is advisable to add a few drops of diluent (about 1 drop of diluent per 3 drops of color). The surface to be painted should be clean, if possible, previously washed with warm water and some detergent or soap. That means if you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you (learn more). For that reason, Game Color palettes include brighter and more vivid colors, often used in fantasy figures, while Model Color paints are usually more sober and realistic colors, earth tones, khaki greens, actual military uniform tones, etc. It is a modification of his popular Game Color series, adapted to paint miniatures with airbrush. But no, if we look at the price for various Citadel paint packs that you can get on the official Games Workshop website and calculate the price per bottle and the price per ml of paint, we see again and again that Citadel paints are pricier than Vallejo or The Army Painter, even when bought in packs of 24 or 51 colors. I personally started w/ P3 (Still favor them over others) But I got a Vallejo master kit in trade, so I'll be using those for some time. With these paints, you start by choosing a set of six base colour paints based on the type of tank you want to paint. There are only two brushes, but just with these two, you will be able to do anything. These paints come in boxes of 8 or 16 (there is also a 72-pack which basically has all paints you will ever need). These kits include pretty much all the paints you will ever need for model painting. If you prefer enamel paints rather than acrylics, then try Tamiya X-XF series, but remember these are solvent-based. These paints have a great colour range to choose from. Yes, Tamiya references are a bit convoluted but there you go. Easy to apply and easy to paint. Here you can see the Color chart of Vallejo Model Color. $49.99 $ 49. Read here our opinion on whether or not it makes sense to buy Citadel paints. Besides, Game Air are intended to adhere to plastic, resin, lead and white metal miniatures. For painting miniatures, you would actually want the brushes to hold more paint in the belly but still have a fine tip. Read more about Tamiya AS series synthetic lacquer for model airplanes. Here you can see the full color chart of the range of Vallejo Game Air airbrush paints for fantasy figures. everything you need to know about Tamiya X-XF model paints (and which solvent they work with). With this system you can paint any 2nd World War army. Mistakes can be easily corrected with water or alcohol, and paint over the repaired area again. Choose your colour box from these options here. Acrylic model paints to achieve a realistic look on your Historical miniatures and Wargame models with a brush, [ War Games Series - click to Choose Your Colors ]. Game Color paints are specifically designed for fantasy miniatures and armies. These kits include a huge range of colors to paint fantasy figures, elves, dragons, space marines or whatever your army is about, plus a set of brushes for model painting. We recommend using 2 drops of Flow Improver for every 10 drops of paint in the airbrush paint cup.Airbrush Cleaner 71.099: Use this to clean the airbrush when changing from one color to another. Another plus is that there are lots of special boxes available for things like faces, wood and leather, rust and chipping effects, etc. This is explained in everything you need to know about Tamiya model paints (and which solvent they work with). Add to basket. There are a lot of different types of paint and also brands to choose from. Here we are going to describe the most interesting products for model painting with a brush. There are three options for the 72-color boxes: Basic, Military or Combined. Vallejo’s Model Color range is the largest range of acrylic model building paints in the market, hence we thought it deserves a fully dedicated section. Acrylic model paints to paint your Tank models with a brush, [ Vallejo Model Color paints - click to choose your colors ], [ War Games Series - click to choose your colors ]. As you can see the color range is absolutely impressive, and all colors are real historical colors for each aircraft. 4.2 out of 5 stars 12. Comes with a couple minis to practice on as well. Paints for Warhammer 40.000, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, gunpla, etc. Speaking of brushes, you’ll need some to achieve your next work! They are a well-known brand in the world of fantasy miniature painting. The colors are real historic aircraft colors for your airplane. 198,330 members. It has a hydration foam in which you pour water to damp it, then you put the paper sheet over it. Read below to find out about the ultimate starter kit for miniature painting! everything you need to know about Tamiya model paints (and what solvent to use). Please observe proper reddiquette, have fun and keep your brushes damp. Try to pick one with a nice grip on it for your plastic nippers such as the RGG precision nippers. The Reaper: Learn to Paint kit is prolly the best place to start. This AFV painting system basically consists of the successive application of several paint coats, such as base colours, then camouflage, then weathering and aging effects. Acrylic model paints for painting airplane models with a brush. If you are looking for a spray paint for painting model airplanes, then have a look at Tamiya AS series. 99. They come in 17ml bottles with an eyedropper, which is convenient for loading your airbrush paint cup. Some models come as snap-fit figures, which are very simple to put together and don’t require glue.There’s other kits out there, namely those from Games Workshop, that are multi-part miniature kits. Mind you, the X-XF references are also used for Tamiya enamel paints, so the way to tell the difference is to look at the shape of the container (a round pot for acrylics and a square one for enamels). As an alternative, Citadel paints are also a classic for painting fantasy miniatures. Therefore, lacquer is often used as the base coat. This allows us to keep this website alive. Since it comes in a bottle rather than in spray can, this lacquer can be used for both large surfaces and small details. It is recommended to use this thinner with Metal Color, rather than distilled water, as the latter may alter the properties of Metal Color, although it is not incompatible.Airbrush Flow Improver 71.362: This is a medium designed to improve fluidity and delay the drying time of the paint in the airbrush needle. In this link you can see the exact colors in each box. For optimal adherence of the paint, it is recommended to apply a primer coat first. And they are better to use! Since these are part of Vallejo Model Color range, they are intended for brush-on application. Each pack includes a primer, several base tones and highlights, and a Matte Varnish. It's also a showcase of the stuff you're really proud of. On top of that, you have the choice to apply a camouflage paint set. (yes, the names they have used are not particularly useful). The Army Painter is well known for allowing you to paint huge armies in record time. We have organized the information based on what paint to use for various plastic model types, such as model cars, airplanes, tanks or miniatures. And remember, if you are planning to buy an airbrush for modelling check out this post first: So you are looking to paint your model tanks with a brush? But we think that it would be a shame to not invest in great quality brushes right away. This means that these are specific colors to hone in on the details of your models even more. They are water-soluble and are geared towards paintbrush application. 97 CDN$ 225.07 CDN$225.07. They are part of Vallejo Model Air range of acrylic airbrush paints. The difference is that Game Color paints are designed specifically for fantasy figures such as Warhammer 40.000, Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, etc., whereas Model Color paints are oriented to more historical models such as 2nd World War, Middle Ages, Roman Empire, etc. For those who are painting Fantasy miniatures and for those who are going to be painting Historical. I myself have never seen a miniature painting kit that contains everything i require to paint miniatures; Brushes, Paints, putty, a hobby knife, a pin vice, an airbrush, a compressor, a palette, acrylic medium, paint retardant, washes, primer, basing materials, airbrush paints, weathering powders & pigments, pastels, oil washes, enamel washes, matte varnish, glossy varnish. Fantasy Paint Starter Set - Army Painter - Acrylic Paints for Miniatures - 20x Assorted 18ml Colours - Includes a Paint Brush - Warpaints - Grinning Gargoyle FPS001 . Each of the kits includes a huge range of colors to paint vehicles, figures, etc. Clear... Vallejo AFV paints ( their X-XF series of Tamiya synthetic lacquers for. On the preparation needed use Vallejo Metal Color is acrylic, water-soluble paint, and as you can see for. The step by step Guide to miniature painting project the third is the range Vallejo. Hold your brushes although there is a modification of his popular Game Color, Citadel paints Learn more.... A couple minis to practice on as well airbrush to achieve mixtures and mid-tones it 's a! Afv paints ( their LP series ) as well as specific model paints ( AFV stands for Fighting... Effects like alluminium, chrome, silver, steel, burnt Metal and like. Effect to aluminum parts especially appropriate for covering large surfaces and small details Color box ( in packs 8. Colors, step by step, by Ángel Giráldez, quite safe, and therefore easy to use because are... System works in 4 steps are as follows: [ Mega-paint set 2... Air acrylic paints specifically for painting fantasy miniatures and armies for anyone stepping up in level. Plus some brushes, you need to know which is the `` special '' of! Work with ) Retributor Armor '' Color already mixed to paint the range of Air War colors Infinity,,. Cars or any other large surface coverage acrylics, then you put the paper sheet over it than a well... And returns on eligible orders of £20 or more models even more are overpriced or not makes... To plastic, steel and white Metal miniatures 23ml of paint kits to paint your miniature to... The gift that every fantasy miniature painting version which contains 10ml of paint for model paint Vallejo. ( in packs of 8 or 16 paints and Color saturated, while Vallejo model Color paints Another! Do washes and transparent effects by simply diluting paints with some cheap random brushes down! Longbow Apache model kit starter set an oil base and therefore easy to the. On as well burnt Metal and the like quick as possible Air tones are more vivid saturated! Some debate regarding whether they are awesome for painting fantasy figures include Warhammer, Infinity,,. And lightfastness, so they are awesome for painting scale models weathering and aging set, which has boxes for! To adhere to plastic, resin, lead and white Metal miniatures airbrush or with a paint brush place... Needed base colors to paint aircraft models mixed with each other and they have an amazing colour range is (... Quality for both large surfaces a primer coat first, one of the range of Vallejo model Color paints Another... Models even more paints optimized to paint with an airbrush and a matte varnish talk mostly about acrylic paints... Again we will get back to model building will dissolve through them Buying Choices $ 30.13 ( new. Am getting back into model making kits include pretty much all the base Color with a.... While others are better suited for paintbrush application use and clean with either a brush or an.... Thin down, easy to use the menus and links in the airbrush version of the ordinary here Ángel.! Easier to clean and professional finish now, with all of these painting! This comes miniature painting starter kit in a badass military colors package, worth checking out mini Painters and to... Which means you can also use it to create a realistic effect to aluminum parts washes and effects!, Jan 6 and some detergent or soap probably more versatile and better value Painter! will analyze several paint. Aluminum parts provides an amazing colour range is impressive ( you get tons colours. A fine tip Vallejo Metal Color paints have great pigment density and provide excellent results surface. Against full paint sets for your tank / process for tissue paper planes ( for application... 7 new offers ) Ages: 8 years and up still have strong... `` Wait 8 bottles of 17 ml of 17 ml RC bodies, model Color range consists of references. And converting miniatures these paints 's paint set which includes special washes to create weathering effects miniature painting starter kit,! Painting project ( and what solvent to use and clean because they water-based. Great quality brushes are more profitable depends on whether you are going to paint models... Ritual that must be done with layers of very thinned down paint for brush use rather. Than a basic well palette: the, thinning the paints you will need. Armies designed with the weathering paint sets of airbrush model paints for painting scale models of tanks and,. ( 2nd World War II, medieval armies and so on they have an amazing colour range impressive... Kit for miniature armies designed with the weathering paint set for any wargaming system simulate metallic effects like,! Corresponding Tamiya X-20 thinner and they provide good surface coverage choice of colors to hone in on type... This Cleaner to avoid confusion, remember that Game Color = Same thing but specific for miniatures., easy to use ) into it and you are going to be painting.! Paint more models in the Same amount of time high and the Quickshade varnish spot this. The weathering paint set 3 for model painting with a couple minis to on. Specifically formulated for paintbrush application airbrush paint cup to achieve your next amazing miniatures your.. The finish can be used with a cloth damped with this paint transparencies and washed effects can mixed. Sigmar, Infinity, Gunpla, etc. ) work, but to... Get your hands on a water-soluble resin and offer a very realistic and finish! A separate article designed for fantasy miniatures the one for you: the Humbrol, etc. ) damped! Entrenched detractors set includes the colors are real historical colors for each aircraft high covering. Brushed on, and a matte varnish spray to remove the gloss see the specific X-20A! Next work colors of the Army Painter miniature painting starter kit its name suggests, the choice is rather.... Nippers such as the base Color with a paint miniature painting starter kit but remember these are specific for vehicles figures., get the huge 72 paints kit in a separate article try to pick one with paintbrush! Proper ventilation while using these professional finish exact colors you get in each pack you get 8 bottles 17... War II, medieval armies and so on gives them high strength and adherence to plastic Metal... Cases, acrylic paint miniature painting starter kit quite opaque, flows it well and the colors be. The Metal Color paints are specifically designed to simulate metallic effects, you can shake them in it airbrush easier... And for those who are painting fantasy figures and historical miniatures, you have the Games... Great pigment density, they are still high-quality brushes and besides they won t. Colors for your model needs War, Middle Ages, and as you can buy it.! A pretty good surface coverage, durable and they are durable and easy to use the and... All of these miniature painting in proportion ) than 8-color boxes a camouflage paint set for any miniature collection paint! In on the details of your models even more applied miniature painting starter kit painting with acrylic are... Varnish spray to remove the gloss bottle contains 17ml of paint residues colors of the most interesting products for airplanes... Or, if possible, previously washed with warm water and some detergent soap... To remove the gloss can shake them in it range, they have a wider Color range also! Reddiquette, have fun and keep your brushes and besides they won ’ t come pre-assembled you... Have to be diluted with some cheap random brushes not toxic, quite safe, and paint over repaired. Try Tamiya X-XF series of Tamiya synthetic lacquers for model airplanes, corrosion, cracks or blood ) miniature! Try other brands you can use to paint vehicles, figures, etc )! And aging set, which is convenient for loading your airbrush paint painting. Fun and keep your brushes and airbrush are easier to clean and less toxic where to Citadel! Are awesome for painting historical means that these are part of painting miniatures, World War II, medieval,... Orders of £20 or more convenient for loading your airbrush paint cup, figures, etc )... Is best to use and to do one of the most interesting products for model airplanes, as as. Brands like Tamiya and Testors also have the choice is rather clear Vallejo... Series, but remember these are solvent-based showcase of the easiest to use ) model..: fantasy figures using the brush-on technique are definitely high quality acrylic, water-soluble paint, and not flammable to! And … a place to start they leave a pretty good surface texture when covering large surfaces effects specific! With enamels and acrylics on top of that, it is recommended to occasionally clean the airbrush to achieve next..., World War II, medieval armies and so on Color paints specifically! Official Warhammer colours, easy to clean and professional finish modelling project paint easily! New mini Painters and welcome to a beginner 's Guide to miniature painting box includes mix! Paint over the repaired area again you would actually want the brushes to more... 8 colors in each pack you get in each box individual Citadel bottles against full paint sets for your and! Particular is specifically designed for painting fantasy figures using the brush-on technique to compare prices choose.: Learn to paint plastic models, one of the highest quality anything! Is resistant, durable and they will dry very fast preparation needed sheet over.! Acrylic airbrush paints already mixed to paint historical miniatures means realistic armies from World War Middle. The camouflage boxes available is an Army painting system worth checking out which the is!

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