what does pokeweed rash look like

I know people hate me for that..LOL. Scratch marks and skin erosions instead of blisters in some people. One day i collected the berries and I thought the berries looked too strange and left them for the animals to eat. What shall I say? Dad lived to 102, I am 82 and still in good health. I've said it before. Like with alcohol or sushi or beef that is not well done, regardless of how it is handled or prepared, trace amounts of toxins will likely be present, but healthy bodies should be able to handle them with ease. Theoretically I suppose a person could grow it purposefully. He also encouraged me to eat some mushrooms that I noticed were growing under the polk sallet. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Cox on rash that burns but does not itch mark: More history. Perhaps more importantly, make sure that you have a sharp cutting tool and that you cut the pokeweed above the root system, as the root system is the most toxic part of the plant. 1 thank. I do not eat poke later in the season. The berry, root, and leaves are used as medicine. Because of this, one should always use gloves when handling pokeweed. Boy did they work. "About 20 minutes ago you responded to my question", but longer period had lapsed Mr. Rankin because I forgot to update my comment. What Does an HIV Rash Look Like? Pityriasis rosea rash. Thanks again. Such a prevalent plant. When you have a food allergy what does the rash look like and can the rash be anywhere on the body? It’s like when you look for wild onions; you tell everyone to smell for onions, and everyone knows what onions smell like. People are concerned because they have discovered big plants they cannot recognize. Food allergy rashes cause skin to become red and swollen, and it may become very itchy. Larger patches than the one shown here are also common. what does rash look like. Reference to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by MSU Extension or bias against those not mentioned. Does your rash look like that? Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on December 22, 2017: Kevin: fascinating comments. My mom had cooked it for years. I'm 64 now and still love it. You might be interested to know that poke sallet is a substantial source of vitamins and minerals, especially if it isn't of the fried variety. Teresa: you know I've had a bunch of people jump down my throat for suggesting you boil more than once. Well, pokeweed smells like pokeweed. This video has some great images of the young plant and might help you know a little bit more about what you should look for. I am now retired and I have decided to start harvesting and freezing again thanks for the info. I'm Ready. This looks so much like what is growing wild in my garden in Connecticut. I think that's an unnecessary risk. The term "sallet" is of French origin and refers to a mess of greens cooked until tender. The following three spots are good places to start. I'm so glad you enjoyed the article and very much enjoy hearing from you. This man wanted me to keep it and wait until the plant got more mature in July or August before I tried foot long leaves stacked a book high mixed in some mustard greens and a meat (its berries would have been matured by then). Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on June 13, 2018: Hypatia's Daughter: That's just amazing to me! I grew up in arkansas eating it. The younger generation probably won't pick it! Mr. Waymon West in his comments said "my Dad was born in 1886, ate poke salad all his life and never heard of it being poison until about 1940....my family has been eating poke feeding it to anyone that may be around.....well over 100 years. When we cook regular greens you don't drain them at all. Had a mess of it yesterday with pinto beans, kraut/ winners, corn bread yum to the yum. I value education, not fear. Instead we bought it from people who did until we found Allens canning companys cut leaf Poke Sallet greens in the grocery store which was soooo much easier since you just opened the can and poured off the liquid. I fry it with onions and scrambled eggs. Does your child’s rash look similar? Issued in furtherance of MSU Extension work, acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I'm not an overly dramatic person. They grow in spikes at the end of branches and bend over slightly. The toxicity levels by this point are simply too high. I'm conjecturing on the possible side effects if you had ate it, but assuming it was past harvest, not prepared properly and also assuming your a healthy adult and not pregnant, the effect would be anywhere from slight nausea to bloody diarrhea and a trip to the hospital. I know as much as you do. I clean my poke very well, but I only boil it once with some of the stems on if they are tender....Then goes into some hot oil and stir in some beaten eggs …..then some cooked pinto beans with some buttermilk cornbread ….a sweet onion and cant get a better meal anywhere. You eat them when they're relatively young. Lamictal rashes appear like small raised bumps, blisters or inflammation on skin. Taste of my childhood. Leaves have a subtle, serrated edge. This is the part you will eat. Here's some food for thought: An average cow is 1,500 lbs give or take and has 4 stomachs. My grandparents are gone now and never ask them if you could can, cooked pokeweed? Ellen Gregory from Connecticut, USA on April 11, 2018: Wow!. You don't have to cook it for 5 hours. But some physicians and patient groups believe this rash can occur as a sign of RA. Young plants were boiled several times and eaten in some places in the south, and this was called “poke sallat or poke salad.” The berries have a crimson juice that in the past was used for dyes. There used to be a tree there. Characteristics of the rash include: Most often develops on the wrists, elbow, buttocks, waist, armpits, penis, and between the fingers; Is intensely itchy and often worse at night; Is accompanied by "tracks" or lines that may look like hives or bites what does early hiv rash look like. I really enjoyed your comments. If patients are expecting a Lyme disease rash to look like the typical Bull’s-eye lesion they may miss receiving an accurate diagnosis. It's a fluff piece. I do believe even though I have never eaten polk sallet. I know a lot of folks only do once, but I boil at least twice. He ate poke salad all his life and I am still eating it. Berries, grapes & plums for canning. My mom, sisters, aunts and cousins all eat it as much as I do so I think as the generations grow up, less and less of the younger ones are exposed to it, therefore don't eat it. 0. Hap. Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on November 07, 2017: Natasha: all greens are good for that:-) Love the "Spring Cleaning" analogy. She picked it by the washtub full and prepared it completely cooked for the freezer so we ate it year round. skin rash looks like burn - MedHelp. It was commonly mixed with turnip, mustard greens, and spinach, and eaten with crackling or hot water cornbread. I am about 100% sure that grocery stores were putting it in the paper to get people to quit eating free poke and buy their greens. You certainly don't want to be cleaning your food with soap. temporary eruption or discoloration of the skin and is often inflamed or swollen Get it when it’s really young roll in flour. I don't even understand why "nightshade" was even mentioned in this article. It is not invasive; it is more American than even apple pie. Despite the fact that pokeweed has a very distinctive look when mature (to a point that it is quite difficult to mistake it for any other plant), you want to harvest this weed in early spring during its youth when it is between about 1 and 2 feet tall, because this is when toxicity levels in the plant are at their lowest. V. Saeed: this man was most likely trying to do a really mean and possibly dangerous prank. But it is NOT poison sumac. Though the flowers are different, the purple berry and red stems can be easily confused with elderberry. I harvest it from early spring to mid summer, but never if the berries are purple. I cant say I'm healthiest person alive but I eat healthy, a panavegetarian (eat some seafood, eggs, and dairy) , but am disabled from multiple injuries and have past history of stomach and irritable bowel, irregular heart beat (improved now) and sleep apnea, which had improved from CPAP therapy. Best to you! It reproduces by seeds. Clean it before each new rinse. Once a major cause of death, it is now effectively treated with antibiotics. Pink, purple-red, or bruised skin. Just make sure you do it right. I know people who freeze the berries and eat one a day for arthritis. It takes a lot of greens to make a good mess. People get hung up on that word, but just prep it right and you'll be fine. That's entirely plausible but I don't believe it was done to the degree of concerted effort you're thinking it was. Common Pokeweed Control. There are two kinds of flowers, male and female, on the plant. We would peel the outer "skin" from the poke stalk, cut the stalks in the same way that okra was cut to fry, then fry the poke in the same cornmeal batter that we used for okra. The same is true of poke. Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on May 19, 2018: For starters, I've had it not fried. Never the slightest effect from it." I never once tried to say people shouldn't eat it. The size and age of the leaves make NO difference in the taste. Poke salad was a staple when I was growing up my mother learned from her mother how to cook and she would bring it to a boil 3 to four times pouring water off and rinsing the greens each time cooking only tender young shoots. Said they tasted bad. If you are healthy and eat the leaves of a pokeweed or the berries raw in any significant quantity, you'll get sick after. Mostly seen on the face, neck and trunk regions (1). The berries were growing at its full length, but they were all white, and the stalk was red and the plant itself was over 4 and 1/2 feet tall , but not as tall ans me at over 5'2" (5'2 and 3/4" to be exact), when the leaves were pulled, now at time of this comment , the berries are now green. But until you have an experiential reference, you’re out of luck. I am from South Arkansas, I grew up eating poke salad. 4. They are red, splotchy patches that may look very similar to slightly large goose bumps. "The bumps look like acne, but if you look closely, you will see the pattern follows hair your follicles. Pretty serious and long term skin reactions to Herceptin posted there. My oldest 4 help me pick polk all the time and are pretty good at finding it. a 1968 country/pop song by Tony Joe White called "Polk Salad Annie. As for canning it, I've seen pictures of canned poke. In fact, it can even be healthy. Rinse, boil twice pouring off and then put in a skillet with eggs stirred in. Poisonous, yes, but so are a lot of things if they're cooked wrong. Clinicians asked, “What does a Lyme disease rash look like?” Nearly 3 out of 4 investigators (71.58%) were able to identify the Lyme disease rash (EM) when presented with 8 types of rash photos. Found a poke weed growing outside my house last year, and not knowing what it was posted a picture on Facebook. Just because you might have been able to not get sick doesn't change that. How Do I Harvest and Prepare This Stuff? In addition, I'm of the opinion it could really cause fetal problems and very possibly fetal death if consumed by pregnant women. Jill. This article airs on the side of caution because it is intended for a general audience and I felt that indicating boiling 2 to 3 times was most prudent. So his family over a period of 100 years had to know something about the poison or something wrong with it not knowing it was poison early on, but the fact that it was poison was not necessary to continue to mention or the thought died out over the 100 years because they always prepared it properly or got immune or no one got sick and died, considering posibly his family may not have had access to abundance of food and had to eat something, and it probably helped to cure some ailment that allowed them to live "forever"; But they did drain it as he say. Pick a lot. I highly recommend wearing gloves when you touch the raw pokeweed to avoid any poisoning from skin contact, though many do not. Giant ragweed leaves. When asked on a “Yes” or “No” basis whether a rash was due to Lyme disease or another condition, the investigators did much better with 94.23% correctly recognizing the EM rash. Why? We would cut the poke stems into about 1 inch pieces peel the hard purple layer off of the outside roll them in flour and cornmeal and fry them. A lot of people only rinse once and give me heck for saying it's more prudent to rinse at least twice, lol. Living in Michigan, this was the first time I had seen a poke weed, and was surprised to learn about it's toxicity, because of the song, Poke Salad Annie. That being said, as with any poisoning, medical assistance should be sought regardless of the perceived severity of the symptoms. I recently dug one up and it was almost like digging up a small tree. This may be a reddish discolouration, or a cluster of tiny blood spots that look like pinpricks in the skin. Just as I indicated in the article!! Judy, Guyana South America on November 10, 2019: We call it deer callaloo we never boil it it is cooked with meat and coconut milk tastes really good but some people pour hot water to take out the stingy taste, Have eaten my whole life do boil three times and add scrambled eggs at the frying stage. People with sepsis often develop a hemorrhagic rash. Then I add my poke, get it simmering and add two scrambled eggs! and you say , Mr. Rankin, the bigger the leaves the more poisonous. All those states are places where you can enjoy poke, but I don't know if eating it is as much of a staple in Missouri and Kansas. 90% of people today think poke is poison. My point is that foraging is becoming increasingly popular these days, and whether or not you choose to prepare and eat this salad is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, consuming even a small handful of this fruit is enough to cause … 1). I like to add hot bacon grease and bits, sometimes a little olive oil to my greens and salt to taste before eating. Like you, I wish I knew more. This will cause what once looked like a great deal of pokeweed to reduce in size immensely. It appears as red and bumpy areas which may occur anywhere on the body, but favours the elbows and knees as well as the back of the hands and feet. Phytolacca americana. It cooks down a lot. You just have to boil the old leaves longer to make them tender. The nightshade genus includes commonly consumed tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant. Then place the leaves in a pot of water, and bring them to a rolling boil for 20 minutes. My Mother and Grandmother would either boil it or cook it and then scramble it with eggs and a little green onion; Delicious!! Stems are coarse, rough, hairy and slightly ridged. Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on May 14, 2018: Jhimi: I don't hate you for it. The rashes are usually very itchy as well as painful. YUM! According to Twitty, people in the old days used to walk barefoot quite a lot. We ate poke sallet growing up we fried it and scrambled eggs it is so good. I really miss those simple days and I loved the taste – she would mix hers with turnip greens and fatback. Pokeweed flowers appear in early to mid-summer opposite the upper leaves on 3- to 6-inch long, narrow stalks called racemes. Insects and birds beat you to it! The point is he expressed in his comment that his family boiled and drained the poke salad only once, but claimed "whoever wrote this article....." {my comment I'm assuming here}"...... has no idea what they are talking about....never boiled it but once. The weed grew in vacant lots and someone told me about it being edible, but poisonous when the berries turn purple. Have you tried it? If so, it’s probably Slapped Cheek. Very tasty. Are the toxins completely gone after you cook it? I boil it 3 times with a thorough cold rinse after each boil. I don't know if that's a real deal or kind of a novelty item. I would have eaten also , without the knowledge I got from reading this article, I would have just rinsed them off and ate them with my sandwich. If you prepare it right, pokeweed is very safe, in my opinion. she fixed hers several ways but the one I like best was cooked with red vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper. They just flat out don't like it. - Medical News Today Rash That Looks Like Burn- 228 Questions Answered | Practo Consult. Harvesting plant is questionable. When you look at irritated spots on your skin, see if they feel warm. Rash and blisters appear around the eye, over the eyelids and one side of the forehead, extending to the tip of the nose. Scarlet fever is a disease caused by erythrogenic toxin (a bacterial exotoxin) released by Streptococcus pyogenes. This may be a reddish discolouration, or a cluster of tiny blood spots that look like pinpricks in the skin. All the poke in my back yard is turning purple at the stalk and growing berries, so I'm probably done harvesting for the year:-/. Hogweed can tower up to 25ft tall, with long green stems with purple blotches, huge branches of small white flowers and green leaves. Log in or register to post comments; Apaugh. It can take two to six weeks for symptoms to appear after starting a new drug. What does a sepsis rash look like? Hives may range from tiny dots to large welts and may form in clusters. If I would have eaten those leaves (exact size of the leaves were 11 and 7/8 “ with about 6“ very thin strip of stalk (1/4” wide). The berries have shorter stems, are closely attached to the main stem and again are not edible. My Mamaw is 96 and my dads 70 and they have eaten the berries. If your immunity is compromised, any of it can kill you. Proper pokeweed harvesting is as important as any other step in successfully and safely preparing poke sallet. I very much enjoy hearing from people who have worked with poke there whole life. Can be seen on the limbs too (1). They can spread and may measure up to 12 or more inches … I haven't seen that anyone has been scared away from the dish from what I've said, just properly educated. after bringing to a boil a third time, they are ready to drain and fix or freeze. Ambrosia trifida is an annual plant with its origins in Europe. My family has been eating poke feeding it to anyone that may be around when we had some cooked for well over 100 years. Thank God. Photo by Patrick Voyle. Thanks so much for dropping by and bringing up some wonderful concepts. No one has ever got the least bit sick and for many, it was the first time for them to eat it. Bacon grease and Apple cider vinegar was Grandma's favorite and mine also. I have never stored it for winter, but I see no reason not to. Add crushed bacon, salt, and pepper to taste. I had another commenter mention pulling the leaves off and letting them regrow. Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on July 05, 2017: Waymon: my Grandma just died, she was 93. Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on June 07, 2017: Doug: I grew up on a farm. Harvesting plant is questionable. I remember every year we would go searching for poke salad - she would call it "Spring Cleaning" time. Thank you for your response. Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on February 12, 2018: Great Northern Troll: it's always the most interesting question, lol. I read that pokeweed was being tested for skin aliments and skin cancer. And he further says, "... No one can show me a documented fact that anyone has died from eating once boiled poke salad..." which I'm assuming from his comment "....We never boiled it but once then drain it..." was the usual procedure in this case. 0 0 1. My grandmother use to can it. My dad boiled it 2-3 times. I hope it grows there again so I can eat it! It could have been more like a mushroom looking lichen rather than a mushroom. The FDA and the like are fine with giving pork the green light. I like to get the tender (young leaves) but older leaves can be harvested as long as the veins are not red. The cooked version of this weed is properly referred to as "poke sallet," but like with so many traditions that have survived via word of mouth, the pronunciation can often be found altered, most commonly to "poke salad." Phytolacca americana, also known as American pokeweed, pokeweed, poke sallet, dragonberries is a poisonous, herbaceous perennial plant in the pokeweed family Phytolaccaceae growing up to 8 ft (2.4m) in height. This is also true of many other foods, like sushi, for example. I recall my mom and dad teaching me how to find the heavy stalks (approx.5/8 to 3/4 inches in diameter). I know some folks use them for witch doctor like purposes, and I find learning about it very interesting. 3. I know the ads showed up by 1950 that poke was poison and probably earlier. Love it. Most poke-sallet eaters will be more than helpful, if for no other reason than that the plant is so darn prevalent. How do I know if it’s a Slapped Cheek rash? To a child, pokeberries look like grapes: clusters of purple berries hang from stems, usually at a child's level. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Are you originally from that far north or are you importing the tradition from somewhere farther south? Register to get answer. Larry Rankin (author) from Oklahoma on June 15, 2017: Jennifer: I always enjoy hearing from fellow poke salet lovers. Lizolivia from Central USA on January 23, 2018: Thank you for explaining when to harvest the leaves and how to cook them for polk sallet; a well written article. This is a pretty clear sign that you have laundry detergent allergies. Yum yum. I had to like it I guess because we had it year round every time we had beans or peas. Be the first to answer! Very interesting reading. I'm afraid it will be lost. It commonly appears on the scalp, the lower back, … Even though Mr. Vest says the age and size don't matter about the taste. About 20 minutes ago you responded to my question: What would have happened to me if I actually ate those two raw eleven inch (with red leaf stem included) leaves? Ain't got no worms. It had some white immature berries on it. A heat rash generally shows up on the trunk of your body, your chest, or your arms, Chaiyasit says. In addition, there is some evidence that contact with the weed can be carcinogenic. Kevin: I'm glad to final see someone who is familiar with rinsing at least 3 times. I should have tried a grow light to see if the plant would have turned green but that didn't occur to me at the time. I believe the purpose of what was suggested to me for the regular greens being placed in the pot with the undrained polk sallet (Poke salad) was to cover the taste of the poison that would have been evaporated into the greens and not drained out, and also so the innocent greens would take the fall of anything bad that may have happened. We never messed with the roots. 2 thanks. 19 years experience Pediatric Gastroenterology. My husband and I love it once I convinced him he would not die if he ate it …..lol I loved the article that I read on this site about peeling and breading the stalks....I love okra and I am going to try this for sure. DRESS is a rare type of drug rash that can be life-threatening. Again, spotting the highly poisonous, mature version of the plant is easy. The smell of this plant growing in large amounts is distinctive, and I know it by heart. This information is for educational purposes only. It is an itchy rash that usually appears on the abdomen, face, arms, or legs and features a flat, red area covered in small red bumps. Look at the picture above. When you get the weed home and it is ready to cook, you will remove the edible leaves from the stem, and then the leaves will go through an extensive cooking process to lessen the plant’s toxicity. The young … Pokeweed, Phytolacca americana, is easily found in our forests and wooded areas is the most common of the plants that look like elderberry. At this point in the plant's development, it is completely green and looks like many other large-leafed green plants. Never once been sick. 3 years before, he had introduced me to the plant to eat and I always had interest, came real close to eating it and the berries out of curiosity from the encouragement. That being said, many people who have prepared poke sallet throughout their lives have never used gloves at all with no perceivable consequence. I grew up in southeastern OK, but I think poke is even more abundant in western Arkansas. People with immunosuppression, especially organ function problems, would really be putting their lives in jeopardy eating underprepared pokeweed. They're supposed to die. Pokeweed and giant ragweed are two Michigan plants that have attracted attention by being similar in the viewer’s eyes. Ate poke her whole life. I had poke sallet and eggs for dinner it was great. July 23, 2015. Gretchen Voyle, Michigan State University Extension - It is believed the pokeweed’s toxins can penetrate the womb and cause a number of problems, including birth defects. Still waiting on your answers to my previous questions in previous comment. Personally, like most people I know that prepare poke sallet, I only do the boiling and rinse twice, but many recipes recommend boiling and rinsing 3 times. It was growing wild where it was and should have still been there. I live in Michigan …...Have been earing poke as long as I can remember. Even if it can be linked to cancer, I seriously doubt they're as carcinogenic as lunch meats like salami, for instance. If you don’t want to wait a whole year to eat poke sallet, just ask somebody that knows how to find it. I'm just trying to make sure people understand the dangers and how to prepare the plant safely. It is usually very mild and doesn't produce many uncomfortable symptoms. Granny said if you eat polk from purple berried plants you'd have the worst stomach ache you'd ever had. Leaves are slightly egg-shaped with a pointed tip and have an alternate placement to each other on the stems. If you are very cautious, one might use a new pair of gloves for each handling of the pokeweed leaves throughout the boil/rinse process. For example, cooked spinach could be referred to as a sallet, but raw spinach would be called a salad. My question: What would have happened to me if I actually ate those two raw eleven inch (with red leaf stem included) leaves? Michigan State University Extension programs and materials are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, age, height, weight, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or veteran status. When I was a kid we dug the roots, planted them in a box of dirt in the cellar and they sprouted several times. The leaves of the pokeweed are the plant's most readily-edible part. I cut poke off at ground level and it comes back with new growth all summer long. I do want to say, after the one who gave me the raw leaves found out I did not eat the raw polk sallet, he got rather nice and innocent all of a sudden vs. mental and emotional abuse, etc. Every late spring and early summer when plants suddenly put on a great deal of growth because of extra rain, some people become worried. The rash is chronic, which means it continues over ... Read More. You say Ozarks. but there is nothing better than a plate of the smaller with scrambled eggs and bacon.. Hummmmm.

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