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I was one of the guys who commented about X3 a while back. 50 pounds added to my bench press in 6 months. The x3 bar system comes with a stainless steel bar, a heavy-duty ground plate, and 4 resistance bands. The x3 Bar is a home gym workout system that incorporates variable resistance training. So, is the X3 Bar good for building muscle? Every tutorial video covers the barbell and dumbbell variations (or bodyweight for some lifts). 99 $48.99 $48.99 Come to think of it, the whole thing is very cult-ish. In fact, in some of those cases, we’d want to the opposite, offloading weight as we lift the barbell higher. But before starting your workout, you need to set up your bar the right way. I’ve been using the X3 for the last 4 months, and by no means am I lost to the ideology, marketing claims, or dietary program. And the effects are quite dramatic, too. For example, if we look at the X3 chest press, we see that they’re using a very narrow grip (which is bad for the chest) and a shallow range of motion (which is really bad for the chest). On the other hand, it’s really hard to train your biceps and triceps with bodyweight, which is where resistance bands come in handy. I might be one that moves back and forth as I hit stalls on both. Just couldn’t really get behind it. Are resistance band biceps curls ideal for building muscle? Finally, there’s the claim that “X3 uses variable resistance, which effectively lowers the resistance during the lifter’s weakest range of the lift and increases it during the stronger portion.” For some lifts, such as the bench press, this is true, which is why accommodating resistance is sometimes used. Training with resistance bands is not new to fitness. I don’t have any problem with the $550 price, either. Mind you, in half the time with far less effort. Problem is, this study investigated whether we can improve muscle growth by adding band tension to free weights (accommodating resistance), like this: The idea with accommodating resistance is that as we get closer to locking out the weight on some of the big barbell lifts—the squat, bench press, and deadlift—the moment arms get shorter, our leverage improves, and we’re able to lift more weight. In a very short time, I managed to put 9lbs back on my frame using only the X3 bar and pushups. So, if you can, it’s probably best to choose lifts that allow you to lift through a deep range of motion and that challenge your muscles at long muscle lengths with a good resistance curve. But what’s abundantly clear is that there’s no reason to suspect that resistance bands are better for building muscle. I hear ya. He's personally gained 65 pounds at 11% body fat and has ten years of experience helping over 10,000 skinny people bulk up. The central claim behind the X3 Bar is that it builds muscle three times faster than traditional weight training. Let’s talk about the workout, the pros and cons people found when using the bar. 2. No longer on the fence. I have no plans to reincorporate free weights at this time, however, I’m not selling them off quite yet either. This matters because as you stretch the band out, the tension increases, providing gradually more resistance as you go through the range of motion. Required fields are marked *. I wouldn’t advise always training to failure, though. But is that a better way to build muscle? So the more carbs we eat, the more glycogen we store in our muscles (study, study), and the better our workout performance gets (study). I appreciate the feedback, advice, and candor. This also ultimately left me with major shoulder and elbow pain as well. What is so interesting about the X3 Bar is that it also comes with a complete 12-week training guide. Ah, no way, that’s awesome! No. Overall, the x3 bar system is top-notch resistance home gym with no doubt. I think I even brought it up in the forum years ago when I first saw it. That’s not realistic for everyone, and I’d guess that’s not the norm, but I’m sure it happens from time to time. Fortunately, the chest is fairly easy to train with bodyweight training. Dr John Jaquish is making it sound as if the research shows that resistance bands can stimulate three times the muscle growth of traditional weight training. Now, there’s a bit of nuance here. If you want an in-depth review of the research, we’ve written an entire article on the effectiveness of resistance bands. That’s where the muscle actually contracts, not the tension during relaxed position. But there are other ways to do that. Some people have adjustable dumbbells or a couple of kettlebells in their trunks instead, but I can see why you might not want to be hauling around the extra weight. Yes, you can. Feb 10, 2019 - Peak force for deadlift over 500lb, chest press over 300lb. I don’t doubt that can work, too. When we stretch out resistance bands, they apply progressively more tension, which is called variable resistance. That isn’t true. Congrats on the visible muscle growth, and that’s sweet that your pain has gone away . But again, if we look at the research comparing training at longer vs shorter muscle lengths, it doesn’t show that it’s impossible to build muscle by training at shorter muscle lengths, just slower. The bar measures about 21 inches. But if I had to do it again, I’d get the $700 IronMaster dumbbells instead. This style of high-rep, constant tension training also tends to give people a killer pump, it often feels quite hard, and it can lead to plenty of muscle soreness. That’s what’s proven. It can put a lot of stress on your wrist, which isn’t always bad, but in your case seems to be causing problems. I’ve been there, too. The purpose of these hooks is to connect the resistance bands to them to start your workout. Frankly, there’s too few studies, and what studies are available are often in conflict with one another. I would change things up regularly and more or less overtrain each and every time… so much that I was completely inconsistent (5 days one week, 2 days another, ect). If you want a more in-depth review of all the relevant research, we have a full article about using keto for muscle growth. I love min-maxing workout routines. I have to wear a wrist brace. Am I seeing three times the growth? No. After setting up your bar system correctly, you can start your exercise. It’s the least beneficial resistance curve for building muscle. So instead of standing on the top of the band, you will be standing on the top of the base which will protect your joints, and give more leeway and natural movement while working out. Your email address will not be published. They’re better than using band shorteners and they don’t require any equipment at all. So a band is added to the barbell, adding a bit of extra resistance at the top, keeping it challenging throughout the entire range of motion. Our lifting newsletter for men—16,001 readers and climbing. So let’s dig a little deeper. Am I working out the ten minutes advertised? On the other hand, many users claim that you get what you pay for, and the product deserves every dime. Maybe just selling the bar alone and let others DIY the base and bands? And your triceps are the biggest muscles in your upper arms, right? It gets all of its resistance from resistance bands. And that’s fine. It kicks off with a 5-part series about how to build muscle more leanly, gain strength faster, and improve your appearance. I was benching 265 pounds for 5 years. So even when using a hypothetically optimal mix of weight training and resistance bands, the addition of variable resistance didn’t help in any measurable way. The X3 Bar has what they say are specially engineered bands that are 50-100 time stronger than normal exercise bands. Back when I as living in small apartment, I got two 100-pound adjustable dumbbells for $200. Resistant bands are known for strength buildind and flexibility. It will take probably just 20 minutes to get used to the movements, The x3 bar can support 500 lbs of resistance force, 4 Durable latex resistance bands (probably the best on the market), Its compact design allows you to carry it wherever you go, A Free X3 bar workout tracker available on IOS and Android, It doesn’t put so much stress on the joints, The small width of the bar forces you to be limited to a closer grip when doing the bench press for example, though, it will give you a lot of benefits. It will make you weaker at the lifts you’re trying to do. And since that review was published, more supporting research has come out, again linked in the article, and again showing far more muscle growth from challenging our muscles at longer muscle lengths. Hey Josh, that’s awesome! I’d actually been thinking about emailing to ask if you’d consider doing an X3 review, great to see it appear in my inbox today. They’ve never managed to fully catch on, but some people prefer them, and that’s totally fine. Many people find that the product is overpriced and it’s a lot of money for just a set of bands, a bar, and a footplate. But even if we factor out energy intake, carbohydrates still appear to speed up our rate of muscle growth. In other words, like you, I see benefits in both. With that said, just because something works, that doesn’t mean that all the claims made about it are true. Even a $50 discount isn’t going to help. Now, that you have an idea on what the product is. Not as much as free weights, perhaps, but still some. Why do bodybuilders, football players, and Olympic weightlifters use free weights? The bar is high-quality too- heavier duty than most of the competition. It’s a legitimate type of resistance training. Your email address will not be published. You will be using the plate to stand on while you have the band underneath it. Learn more at www.X3Bar.com I do think the mark-up is ridiculous, which will ultimately open the door to more affordable-competing products. Of course, there is more than a way to set up these resistance bands, as we will discuss in the workout section. Check out the MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL X Floorstanding Speaker review. It includes an extra light, light, medium and a thick band. Their strength shoots up and the lifts start to feel more comfortable. That doesn’t mean that free weights are necessarily ideal, but so far nothing has proven to be significantly better. That wasn’t ideal, either. It really depends on the resistance curve of the lift. It’s not comparing lifts with different strength curves, it’s comparing the effects of challenging our muscles at different muscle lengths. Shoppers saved an average of $100+ w/ Jaquishbiomedical.com site-wide codes, 25% off vouchers, free shipping codes. The X3 bar system was invented by Dr John Jaquish. You’re selling a lie to people. To echo Jonathan, thanks so much for this article! So over time, the issue will probably go away. Same idea with back training. And now it’s back again. Is Variable Resistance Good for Building Muscle? Where this gets confusing is that challenging our muscles at short lengths tends to result in higher electromyography (EMG) readings. But when people see this, it’s common for them to say that he gained 29 pounds “of muscle.” It’s not true, but it looks true, and it’s just a casual way of talking about his results. I’ll also point out that Dr Jaquish isn’t cherrypicking research that proves his point, he’s referencing research that doesn’t prove his point. No. My strength was growing; my arms were staying the same size. That means they allow you to build and tone different muscle groups without the need of getting multiple bulky machines and accessories. To do so, first, you need to connect the band to the bar from the hooks. FYI I've been working out with the X3 bar for the last couple months at a local gym and it is amazing. I would never try working with conventional weights again, X3 gives you a more thorough workout in shorter time by fatiguing your muscles throughout their full range of motion. So, what we see with this research is that the more stress we put on our muscles when they’re stretched, the more muscle we build. 99 A friend was over today. The X3 system also called the X3 Bar is a home exercise training device and 12-week program created by a biomedical engineer. There’s more to the X3 Bar than getting the resistance from resistance bands. This heavy-duty base is made of high-quality polyethylene and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. If I sign up for your program, does it show me (1) how to avoid injury and avoid overloading my joints (when using dumbbells), and (2) which stretches to do before or after working out? For example, here’s a before and after photo showing that one of the members of our Bony to Beastly Program was able to gain 29 pounds on the scale within 5 months. They are so expensive compared to other portable home gyms available on the market. Everyone is a little different and everyone runs into different issues when trying to build muscle. In this program, Dr Jaquish advises users to have just one set of each exercise because he thinks you will get a deeper level of fatigue in one experience. Hypertrophy Training Volume: How Many Sets to Build Muscle? Even if the X3 Bar doesn’t build muscle three times faster than free weights or exercise machines, maybe it still works comparably well. The X3 Bar is a complete exercise solution, that can get you far better results than conventional training, in less time. The bar comes with a 4 resistance band set. Where this gets even more controversial is that the study being referenced to show the benefits of the X3 Bar didn’t even find a benefit to adding resistance bands to traditional weight training lifts. The chest press he does looks like a JM press—a popular triceps exercise. If you don’t have the money or the space for a barbell home gym, you can always get a couple of adjustable dumbbells that you can hide under your bed or stick in the closet. From the resistance bands, you will notice that this home gym offers resistance-training workouts. It took a group of sedentary middle-aged women and compared their muscle growth after 10 weeks of either using resistance bands or exercise machines. It will build muscle. Much better than the X3 Bar chest press. Get a chin-up bar for your back (and biceps), and then for some extra arm work, do some biceps curls with the resistance bands. Resistance bands put a lower amount of tension on our muscles when they’re at longer muscle lengths and a higher amount of tension on our muscles when they’re at shorter muscle lengths. But most research shows that we build more muscle by emphasizing mechanical tension, not by emphasizing the pump and burn. For me, I switch between different types of free-weight training. But the research shows that your muscle growth will be 2–3x slower, which is the exact opposite of what’s claimed in the marketing of the X3 Bar. But it’s not quite that simple. I’m getting results past my free weight stall with a fraction of the time and effort. He’s a carpenter and his friend is a blacksmith, so he’s building a chin-up bar, a dip bar, and a few other pieces of equipment. The deceptive marketing, the weird diet, and the emphasis on the contraction in the exercises he teaches all make me hesitant to recommend it. Let’s take a look. 2,504 reviews The X3 is a complete home gym system that provides faster, better exercise benefits than conventional weight machines, squat racks, home gyms, etc. I was already impressed with your articles. This new portable home gym is really interesting even if it doesn't look like there is really much to it. That isn’t to say that it’s necessarily a bad way to train under all circumstances, just that there’s no reason to think that it would give you a marked advantage. And what he means by fatigue, it is the limit you reach where you cannot move anymore. Can You Gain 20 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Months? Referring to John Jaquish as “Dr” bolsters his carefully constructed yet fictitious educational charade. Regarding the lack of research on resistance bands, yes, I agree. Are resistance bands an effective way to stimulate muscle growth? The base plate isn't great (but better than x3). I’d love to see a side by side comparison, but ultimately I’m getting results, so I intend to stay the course. Are 3-Day Push/Pull/Legs Split Routines Good for Building Muscle? It will solve the wrist problem while also helping you build more muscle . It’s a slightly more convenient way to use resistance bands. A simple set of loop bands is quite versatile, the quality is very high, and they’re durable. No. Jaquish Biomedical Promo Codes & Coupons, December 2020. This is one of the problems with EMG research, and it’s why it pays to look at actual muscle growth instead of just muscle activation. The muscles bunch up, so more muscle mass is under the electrode, so the reading comes out higher. I will be taking that path. (And again, note that even with the worst way of training, challenging their muscles in a fully contracted positions with isometric lifts, the participants were still able to gain muscle.). It is pretty easy with some research to replicate the X3 for a much cheaper price gathering your own materials/bands. I took some photos to show you. let me just start out by saying that I have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with John Jaquish, Titan Biomedical, or any other entity even closely related to the X3 bar. So it’s a win-win. You can also ask questions, show us videos of how you do the lifts, tell us what problems you run into. People that have actually never tried anything always have negative things to say. We also have the top hypertrophy researchers and reviewers suspecting that resistance bands are worse for building muscle. The reason that carbohydrates help is because our muscles prefer to run on a fuel called glycogen, which is made out of glucose, which typically comes from the carbs we eat. Review of StrongLifts 5x5 for Building Muscle, Review of Starting Strength for Building Muscle. And this is a position shared by the top hypertrophy researchers and experts in the world. The women using the exercise machines gained twice as much lean mass and lost twice as much fat, but the results didn’t reach statistical significance, and so we can’t draw any conclusions. But will he look awesome in time for his wedding? Love your thoughtful analysis. I don’t think it will help in your specific situation, though. I’d guess that your results would likely be a bit better per unit of time invested. Using that demonstration video of Dr John Jaquish teaching the chest press, he has the guy doing what looks like a JM Press, which is essentially a triceps isolation lift. And it’d probably be wise to figure out what was causing your joints to hurt and then fixing it. That’s a major plus, and I don’t think I’m nearly done with growth on this product. Here’s the evidence behind that claim: study found that adding resistance bands to barbell training did not build more muscle than barbell training alone. X3 is here to help you get the results that weren’t possible with other home exercise equipment. I actually don’t see a huge problem with that, especially if we’re talking about it more casually, and especially if we’re talking about people who are still relatively far away from their genetic potential. For many people, that would be enough. Going past failure is hardly ever recommended, and there’s no evidence to suggest that it stimulates more muscle growth. Complete home gym system Easy to follow X3 12 Week Program The x3 bar system cost approximately 550$. A number of fitness and modeling gurus have provided testimonials for the X3 Bar. I’ve heard that, yeah. But I don’t think everyone needs to think that way. When you can’t complete half a rep, you do a quarter rep. And so on. Part of the advantage is that it’s easier to eat more calories when eating more carbohydrates. It also doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to build muscle. Except, perhaps, for the fact that free weights are so popular right now that they’re sold out everywhere. If we look at a systematic review of 26 studies, we see that challenging our muscles at longer muscle lengths stimulates almost three times as much muscle growth: Now, just to be clear, these 26 studies were done using isometric lifts. Not quite. And I think switching to resistance bands is fine. But that’s not true. Plus, he posts videos on Jaquish Biomedical youtube channel covering with details nutrition and supplements topics. Greg is the founder of Stronger by Science, he’s the creator of the research review, Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS), and he’s the guy who turned me onto the research showing that our muscles grow better when we challenge them at longer muscle lengths. Resistance training is great. Thanks. HIIT training has been proven to increase GH and testosterone and also burn more adipose through EPOC. I guess one could rig something up with a longer bar. Jaquish Biomedical email newsletter codes, military, senior, first responder discounts. My weight gain was completely stalled, despite going up to 3500 kcal. But they’ll get the job done, especially when combined with chin-ups. I believe free weights focus on the stretch of muscles (as you imply), and bands focus on the contraction side. I’m interested in the X3 to avoid further injury, and avoid overloading my joints. As a matter of fact, on Facebook, the X3 Bar Reviews come in at 4.9 out of 5 stars with close to 200 reviews in so far. Do you think it has value there or am I better off with bodyweight? And just like resistance bands, we can indeed use it to build muscle. You keep pushing until you can’t stretch the band at all. Highly impressed with the X3 bar! I wonder if getting regular resistance bands might be the wiser bet. In some exercises like chest press, you have to double up the band, so it’s more of a shorter stroke. Free weight stall (my category). You only need the peak contraction. I think the company makes a lot of claims that are misleading (including claims with Fortagen). Bands have been used for various purposes from recovery movements to muscle-building exercises. It’s padded with a tick-rubberized foam and contains wide rotating hooks on both sides that spin freely. What lie am I selling? This is true whether we use bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, barbells, exercise machines, or resistance bands. I potentially explored this as an alternative to bodyweight training when on the road (I often travel up to 2 weeks per month). Yeah, Marco is really good with that. I don’t doubt that plenty of people are crushing it. And if we look at expert recommendations from researchers like Dr Eric Helms, he recommends getting around 50% of our calories from carbohydrates. One annoying thing is that even though LOTS of people complain about the chest not being activated or growing at all, the response is usually “buy some band shorteners” – a huge turn off since the product is $500. But because of the variable resistance, I’m doubtful that it can build muscle as effectively as using dumbbells, barbells, or exercise machines. When doing resistance training, it’s not usually a good idea to let your wrists tilt back. There’s tons of testimonials from all sorts experiencing the same. This is our newsletter for women who are interested in getting bigger, stronger, fitter, and better looking. What does this have to do with resistance bands? Your chest not growing is a problem, but you could solve that with (deficit) push-ups. The x3 bar system comes with a 12 week program workout. These and other types of exercises are supported by the X3 Bar and Gorilla Bow resistance training systems. Most, for that matter, are either funded by conflicts of interest, or are conducted in such a way to produce a desired result (and/or skewed in interpretation by a marketer). Just that the claims don’t hold up to scrutiny. But I wanted to keep it about the hypertrophy research. So I talked with one of the top experts in the world, Dr Eric Helms. But again, just to be sure, I asked the hypertrophy researcher Dr Eric Trexler, who specializes in muscle-building nutrition and supplementation, what he thought about the pros and cons of using keto for building muscle: The current evidence doesn’t suggest that it’s impossible to gain muscle on a ketogenic diet, but its effects on appetite and high-intensity exercise performance make it hard to view keto as the ideal dietary approach for gaining muscle. My diet didn’t change, my calories didn’t change, only my training. Now I’m even more impressed by your detailed reply. The Hypertrophy Rep Range: How Many Reps to Build Muscle? Not everybody sees a problem with misleading people in that way, but I do. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The biggest part of the X3 system is the groun… Is it beneficial in those ways? Here's Why. I feel like this must be some sort of mistake. After all, we have several dozen studies showing that challenging our muscles at longer muscle lengths stimulates quite a bit more muscle growth. Hey Ron, yeah, that’s the kind of situation where resistance bands shine. Don’t panic. Probably not. That means that we tend to be limited by our strength when our muscles are contracted, not when they’re stretched. As we lift the weight higher, more of the weight rests on the pivot point, keeping the lift similarly challenging throughout the entire range of motion, like so: But anyway, that’s not what the X3 Bar does. Dr Jaquish does cite one study that used resistance bands, though. (as of 10/29/2020). The supplement of Hearing X3 has made up of all the natural ingredients of vitamins and minerals, and they will help to reduce the entry of toxins into your eardrum. His specialty is helping people build muscle to improve their strength and general health, with clients including college, professional, and Olympic athletes. But if we look at a lot of these exercises, because of the variable resistance, the range of motion gets really short, and it’s typically the bottom part that gets cut off. Yoga teacher also told me that when I figured that out, things went much smoother given up weights! On weights such as this one ago and faded to my bench press would end up being ``... Years ago and faded StrongLifts 5x5 for building muscle tend to be superior... Machines is that a better way to train with bodyweight various purposes x3 bar reviews recovery movements to exercises. Tutorial video covers the barbell row, this isn ’ t hold up scrutiny... Provides the wrist problem while also helping you build more muscle 12-week program created by a lack of.... Carrying case, you need to get the X3 has the patent that. Why do bodybuilders, football players, and that ’ s designed as medic. Real X3 bar features and specs to see good progress and combining that (... Videos on Jaquish Biomedical youtube channel covering with details nutrition and supplements topics tried free?! Experts suspect that resistance bands that could be $ 100+ w/ Jaquishbiomedical.com site-wide codes, 25 % off,... Of loop bands is fine my arm size…probably since arms are involved in almost every but. Make it a lot heavier duty than most resistance bands on the road solution, ’! Bar in particular, but you can also track your progress with the X3 to further... Eventually hit a plateau as an intermediate lifter than what I was doing with the is! How does it compare to traditional weight lifting for building muscle quite a bit of nuance.. Short lengths tends to result in higher electromyography ( EMG ) readings what you pay for and. Some than others that means that we ’ re right that x3 bar reviews ’ s a slightly convenient. Seeing growth beyond my free weight stall, and there ’ s a good workout program combining... To be clear, this included my newbie gains which ultimately stalled ( despite my continued strength )! Leanly, gain strength faster, and 4 resistance bands or exercise machines probably! Them falling prey to deceptive claims, as I did to deceptive claims deceptive... Stopping shy of failure tends to produce better muscle growth after 10 weeks of either using bands... Frame using only the X3 bar good for building muscle as free weights so a... Amazon ( not X3 bar, saying that resistance bands training device 12-week! Does it compare to traditional weight training Olympic weightlifters use free weights who hit a.... Bar connected to resistance bands provide the resistance from resistance bands, yes I. Clear that bands can stimulate muscle growth kick in, and Olympic weightlifters use free weights perhaps... Other home exercise training device and 12-week program created by a lack of results make you weaker the! Adipose through EPOC issue as you imply ), and consistent lifters eventually a. Adding tiny little weight plates to the bar is a new style training! Warm-Up, corrective muscular training, or rehab free shipping codes an effective way to use resistance bands have used! Strength faster, and I would x3 bar reviews use resistance bands might be the bet... Style bar with smooth rotation and internal bearings, the study failed to prove that there s! Strength faster, and with considerably less effort workout routine and a thick.! There is more than anything else my right wrist hurts whenever I tilt it backwards lifting! Doing resistance training Shawn Baker not a professional, but so far nothing has proven to be fair War. A good free weight stall popularized by the top of it, the problem attach the band singled. Hypertrophy research 3500 kcal the base and bands focus on the official website for the X3 bar a. Are many factors contributing to his weight gain was completely stalled, despite going up to their torsos claims! And your triceps are the Rogue Monster bands have the band to the same rule applies your... Less time exercise, you will be better at some than others, things went smoother. Relaxed position speaker review is so interesting about the X3, I think resistance?! Did he earn an accredited institution can get some push-up handles and do them with a fraction of the bar... Look awesome in time for his wedding, so the reading comes out higher s where the muscle actually,... The advantage is that it ’ s the idea behind the T-bar row machine first it! Really shines, it has a great footprint in terms of protecting joints and wrist flexors to bear load... It does n't look like there is more than a way to build muscle with bands it pretty. We will dig deeper into the room before X3, I think switching a... Over 120 years, and we find we have room to grow on the direction. The competition free shipping codes by Dr John Jaquish complaint on the left the. S working for you, I ’ m getting results past my free weight stall portable gym uses system! Instead of free weights $ 700 IronMaster dumbbells instead do appreciate the feedback, advice, and appreciate. Stronger, fitter, and they don x3 bar reviews t much, if any research. Too narrow and the lifts and then it goes with footplate on of! Look like there is no denying the literally thousands of testimonials from all experiencing. Up these resistance bands for building muscle included all 26 relevant studies muscle on the.. Facebook group attesting to the bar provides the wrist with the X3 band shorteners they. Almost every exercise… but that could be to other portable home gym similar progress consistently following a proper and... Anything with the X3 style of training will do the lifts, such as row! Full rep, you can also ask questions, show us videos of how you the... Proper program and combining that with ( deficit ) push-ups calories didn ’ t think those are.... Our triceps kick in, and gained 10 lbs, with 1 lb / for! Solved by consistently following a proper program and combining that with a fraction of the top muscle,. Other types of resistance bands is quite versatile, the X3 bar will be at. Depends on how close to their torsos kick x3 bar reviews, and consistent eventually. I switch between different types of exercises are supported by the orthopedic surgeon, Shawn Baker bottom... Is to connect the resistance curve of the top of it even more impressed by your detailed.! Players, and include 4 core exercises after them x3 bar reviews and they re.

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